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Music Player Shortcuts

Music Player Shortcuts

We're all looking for that flow, when projects seem to finish themselves and hours pass like minutes. But it's hard to get into it if you have to figure out how to do something time and time again. A great way to stay in the zone is keyboard commands and shortcuts.

1. Add multiple tracks to a playlist
Mark several tracks at once by holding shift and clicking the tracks you want to mark. Then click ‘Add to Playlist’ and choose which list you want to add them to, or create a new playlist around the marked tracks.

2. Control the music player with the keyboard
You don’t have to use the mouse or trackpad to control the Epidemic Sound music player.  

  • To play or pause, just press the spacebar.
  • If you want to hear the next track in the listing, just use the down arrow, and the up arrow to hear the previous track.
  • Fast forward or rewind the track 5 seconds by using the right and left arrow respectively.  

3. Almost perfect, do you have anything similar?
If you’ve found a track that you think is good but not perfect, click the title of the track, or the similar icon (two intertwined circles) to the right in the listing, and get all similar tracks.

4. YouTube channel music recommendation
Need a quick way of finding music for your next YouTube video? On the music starting page you’ll find music recommendations based on videos published on the YouTube channel connected to your Epidemic Sound account. Don’t like the recommendations? Just refresh and you’ll get a new set of tracks. Click to read more about YouTube music recommendations.

Explore over 32,000 tracks
and 60,000 sound effects.
→ Find the perfect soundtrack

Fabian Midby

Fabian Midby

Fabian is a Product Marketer at Epidemic Sound. He's responsible for core messaging, taking new products & features to market and turning customer insights into hypotheses for product development.

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Music Player Shortcuts
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