What are Instagram and TikTok Creator Subscriptions?

Instagram and TikTok Creator Subscriptions are an exciting way to monetize in 2022. But what are they, and who can use creator subscriptions?

What are Instagram and TikTok Creator Subscriptions?

Instagram and TikTok creator subscriptions are a new, exciting way to monetize in 2022. But what are they, and who can use creator subscriptions?

What are creator subscriptions?

If the concept sounds familiar, it’s probably because you have heard it before. Platforms like Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube already have paid-for, members-only content. That’s what a creator subscription is: viewers pay a certain amount of money per month, receiving anything from bonus content to chat perks, merch discounts, and more in return. It’s a fan club, basically!

YouTube introduced this in 2018, with Facebook following two years later. It was successful, handy, and a great way for users to support their favorite content creators. But now, with Instagram and TikTok creator subscriptions, the idea’s been revitalized.

What are Instagram Subscriptions?

Instagram Subscriptions has been in the early testing phase since January 2022, giving fans the chance to support their favorite creators financially. They can do this with:

  • Subscriber Lives, which are exclusive Live broadcasts for paying fans. It means viewers can interact with creators on a small-scale, intimate level.
  • Subscriber Stories, which lets subscribers watch exclusive Stories, with cool interactive Story Stickers thrown in too.
  • Subscriber Badges, which sit next to viewers’ profiles. The Badge is purple, so it’s kind of hard to miss, giving subscribers more visibility in content creators’ comments and DMs.
Instagram Creator Subscription

Can you make money with Instagram Subscriptions?

The tiers are priced in eight individual brackets: $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, $4.99, $9.99, $19.99, $49.99, or $99.99 per month. Depending on what kind of content’s offered and how large the fanbase is, creator subscriptions can make Insta stars a pretty penny – especially given that Instagram itself doesn’t take a commission, and won’t until 2023 at the earliest.

If you want to make money on Instagram, you’ll need to tighten your purse-strings and cut out the stuff you don’t need. When it comes to soundtracking your content, individual licenses for tracks can be expensive; and if you use music without obtaining the rights, you could be slapped with an eye-watering copyright claim. That means the rights-owner can monetize your content on their behalf, or even block it! Sounds expensive.

You can avoid copyright claims by subscribing to Epidemic Sound. Try out our royalty-free catalog of 40,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects. We got you covered.

What are TikTok Subscriptions?

For a long time, TikTok Subscriptions weren’t as clear-cut as Instagram Subscriptions, as much less had been revealed. However, like Instagram, TikTok has rolled out a paid-for subscription service for an invite-only set of users.

Subscriptions aren’t the only way to top up the ol’ bank balance, though. If you want to know how to make money on TikTok, click here.

TikTok Creator Subscription

What are TikTok LIVE Subscriptions?

TikTok LIVE Subscriptions are only available for a few hand-picked content creators to use. Like rival service Twitch, TikTok LIVE subscriptions allow fans to pay for access every month. In exchange, they receive several perks on TikTok LIVE like a subscriber-only chat, custom emotes, badges and more.

On top of that, subscribers can even control creators’ camera angles during TikTok LIVE streams. Creators will also be able to personalize their LIVE rooms, and subscribers’ badges will update the longer they’re signed up, giving them a sort of ‘true fan’ status.

Since March 2024, TikTok started peeling away the layers of exclusivity, allowing regular on-platform content – not just LIVE – to benefit from TikTok Subscriptions. However, they’re still invite-only.

Who can use creator subscriptions?

TikTok LIVE Subscriptions have been granted for a small number of artists, vloggers, beauty experts, ASMR creators, Spanish-language creators, musicians, dancers and more. And, as we just discussed, regular TikTok Subscriptions are also invite-only.

Instagram Subscriptions can only be used by ten (!) US-based content creators. They’ve all got 80,000+ followers and have side-jobs as, like, Olympic silver medalists and basketball players – they’re not exactly beginners.

While Instagram Subscriptions is expected to roll out further, it’s currently only available for that exclusive group. But don’t worry. You can find out how to make money on Instagram here, if you’re looking for other revenue stream.

Creator subscriptions

Should you use creator subscriptions?

While it’s not widely available, the idea of creator subscriptions is something content creators should get used to. Twitch popularized its subscription model in the mid-2010s, and with massive names like Facebook and YouTube joining in the fun, it was only a matter of time before Instagram and TikTok got involved.

The idea of paying for content is becoming normalized: people pay for video and audio streaming services, so why shouldn’t they pay for behind-the-scenes access or bonus videos from their nearest-and-dearest creators?

Familiarizing yourself with creator subscriptions gives you the chance to future-proof your channel and monetize in a way that suits you and your fans.

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