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How To Choose The Right Music for Your Video

How To Choose The Right Music for Your Video

Choosing the right music for your videos is a top priority for video creators. Video production is all about telling a story and setting a mood, and what better way to do so than with music.

When planning the narrative of the video, the music you choose will have a dramatic impact on how that feeling is conveyed. It's also a personal thing, and finding music that matches your style will make your edits easier. When you find the perfect track - you'll know right away. You'll notice that it matches the color palette, it matches the scene, and it matches the mood.

When trying to find the right music for your video, give it a serious and dedicated investment of your time. Too often, video creators grab any track they can find on YouTube's copyright free playlist. The resulting content loses ALL identity. None of those songs are unique for creators. None are very engaging or interesting to listen to. And we've all heard them so much, that your videos get lumped in with every other creator that's used them. Instead, using Epidemic Sound you find music sorted by mood, by genre and even by BPM. Unique content is why people will watch, like, comment and ultimately, subscribe!

Recent trends suggest that music plays a bigger role than we realize in how we consume content. If we look at one of YouTube's biggest creators, Casey Neistat, you'll immediately recognize this. Neistat's personality is big. His shots are of high quality and beautiful. And his edits are crisp and quick. But, none of this would be possible without the music. The music he uses in his videos bring his content to life and complete the puzzle. Every timelapse, every edit to the beat, every story is told on the back of an incredibly catchy audio track. He's built music into his brand, and it's become an iconic part of his content.

For you, you need to think about music the same way - how is this going to contribute to my brand? Will people think of me when they hear this track? Does the music seem like it was custom made for the video? These questions will help in picking the right track as they force you to explore music in a way you probably haven't. By thinking of music as part of your brand, you're going to end up finding tracks that better help tells your stories! You'll also find that thinking this way may help make you a better creator. You'll stumble upon tracks that excite you, and you'll end up shooting with intent to MATCH that song, instead of the other way around.

No matter what kind of genre, style or pace of music you're searching for, Epidemic Sound has the answer. Our rich catalog of music will have hundreds if not thousands of songs perfect for your video. Not only that, but it's updated daily with fresh new tracks from some of the worlds up and coming musical talents! If you're not on Epidemic Sound, you're doing your audience a disservice and leaving creative quality on the table!

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