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Forces For Nature: Planet Earth Seen Through a Creator’s Lens

Forces For Nature: Planet Earth Seen Through a Creator’s Lens

What would we see if we viewed life through the lens of five content creators, each of whom has dedicated their lives to documenting the conservation of our planet? Read on and find out.

Epidemic Sound’s ‘Forces For Nature’ campaign has run for five weeks and featured the work of five creators and Epidemic Sound ambassadors, who are using their medium to inspire positive change and bring awareness to environmental issues. They’ve also had the chance to promote one environmental organization that’s closest to their hearts.

‘Forces For Nature’ ties back to one of Epidemic Sound’s core values, to “be a force for good,” and is one way for us to inspire our audience to keep environmental issues and solutions in mind when executing their work.

One of our company-wide goals is to map out and track our environmental footprint. Through guidance by the Green Team, one of Epidemic Sound’s largest Employee Resource Groups, we actively implement new strategies and participate in various campaigns that support positive environmental change. One of those activations was the creator-originated ‘Team Seas’ campaign at the end of 2021, where we donated 10,000 USD and helped raise awareness of marine pollution.

To be part of the five creators’ mission to protect and capture breathtaking moments of our natural wonders, check out their videos below.

Five creators – five landscapes

The Glaciers

Content creator Ása Steinars shows us the astonishing glaciers of her home in Iceland and what impact climate change has on it. Subscribe to SeaLegacy to learn how you can contribute.  

The Ocean

Cinematographer Zimy Da Kid gets up close and personal with some extraordinary ocean dwellers. Follow Deep Sea Guardians and learn how to become a force for nature.

The Tropics

The majority of earth's wildlife live in the rainforests, where the vegetation serves an important function for our entire planet's ecosystem. Get inspired by filmmaker Eilidh Munro and become a force for nature. The Frankfurt Zoological Society is a non-profit organization that believes that wilderness areas should be conserved for generations to come, and it’s worth checking out if you want to support Eilidh’s mission.

The Arctics

Through his photography, Kiliii Yuyan has helped educate the world about the Arctics, become a force of nature, and changed the world for the better – one snap at a time. Follow Nia Tero to learn how you can help, too!

The Forests

Our forests are sacred to us for many reasons. Oxygen, water and wildlife habitat. Tim Kellner has dedicated much of his work to capturing the bewitching woods of the world in order to inspire you to become a Force For Nature. Check out National Park Foundation to learn more about our forests and how to contribute.

Feeling inspired to join the movement and raise awareness of environmental issues through your content? Check out our ‘Forces For Nature’ playlist and use the music to soundtrack your journey.

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Forces For Nature: Planet Earth Seen Through a Creator’s Lens
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