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Faces of Epidemic: Oscar Höglund

Faces of Epidemic: Oscar Höglund

Epidemic Sound CEO and Co-Founder Oscar Höglund fills in the blanks in the first edition of 'Faces of Epidemic', where you'll get to know the people behind Epidemic Sound. Read on for his morning routine plus great insight for every budding entrepreneur.

Three quick questions to kick things off

The first thing I do after I wake up is drink my coffee and kiss my wife....(but I have been known to kiss my coffee too).

I’m currently listening to ‘Play On’ by COE Remix, ‘Socialite’ by Jontha Links, ‘Sorry’ by Alex Kehm, or ‘Savior’ by IAMNOBODI.

If I weren’t doing what I do now, I’d be a passionate teacher, a professional mushroom picker, or a mediocre speechwriter/poet.

Epidemic Sound
Epidemic Sound office vibes

Let’s talk entrepreneurship

The best piece of business advice I’ve received was to hire people smarter than yourself. Don't be a talent cap. If you often (ever?) find yourself the smartest person in a room, that's not a reason to celebrate… Rather, that's a reason to pause and reflect. Surrounding yourself with kind and smart people is the BEST thing you can do for yourself (and your company).

My favorite way to pitch to a room full of investors is less is more! Reduce the number of people on your side to a minimum, reduce your dependency on slides/technology (it's bound to break down anyway), and dive into your story. It's all about storytelling, about making a connection, about reading a room, but also about entertaining a room. Focus. On. The. Story. Leave them with a feeling. If you want to use anything external, it should be music.

My biggest professional mistake was to believe that I needed to fit in to be successful. Fortunately for me, I fit "out" pretty early on in my career.

My biggest “aha” moment with Epidemic Sound was when I was watching TV in Sweden 10 years ago, and I could hear our tracks playing on all channels in Sweden. At the same time. I thought to myself: "Wow, this is a game-changer for Epidemic Sound but also a life changer for music creators and storytellers!" It made me very proud.

In ten years, I see myself hopefully surrounded by a population less ravaged by a pandemic, more in balance with the environment, and fully focused on soundtracking the world!

Did you get inspired by Oscar's insights? Keep your eyes peeled for the next 'Faces of Epidemic' blog post, where we'll get to know another exciting person from Epidemic Sound.

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Faces of Epidemic: Oscar Höglund
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