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Epidemic Does: Power of Video by Cody Wanner

Epidemic Does: Power of Video by Cody Wanner

Epidemic Does is a series about connecting with prolific YouTubers at some of the community's best events. In this episode, we're heading to the Power of Video, an event hosted in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Taking us there is daily vlogger Cody Wanner.

Cody started his daily vlog January 1st, 2018 with 111 subscribers, and has since then hit over 43,000 subscribers as of the day this was published! Now, let's get into the power of video!

Travel days are always useful for vloggers because they present excellent storytelling opportunities. B-roll especially comes in handy during an edit, as you'll see demonstrated in the video. You'll also recognize some familiar vlog faces - Peter McKinnon, Matti Haapoja and Dan Mace! After a short intro to the event by Cody, Peter helps to hammer home the point of how powerful video can be.

Selective cuts from the event give you a glimpse at what you might expect attending. Excited speakers talking about video and YouTube. Tips to succeed. Motivational talks. It's a hype event designed to inspire everyone in the room! Cut between the talks is what looks like some incredible experiences that Cody had while in Belfast. In particular, later in the episode, we see him and other video creators exploring a location used by Game of Thrones - in full costume! Definitely an event worth looking at attending in the future for any video creators!

Music featured in this video include:

Way Back by Squiid
Gridworld by _91Ultra

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