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Epidemic Does: Creator Summit 2019

Epidemic Does: Creator Summit 2019

What happens when Epidemic Sound brings together creators for our annual Spring Bash? Collaborations, education, discussions and a lot of fun!

To share the experience, we invited Hayden Pedersen to join us and document the weekend! As a video creator, collaboration and community are so crucial to the creative experience. That's why we created Epidemic Does - a vlog series covering the greatest events for video creators. Hayden is a YouTuber with over 700,000 subscribers. His content mixes photographer, videography, and vlogging into a highly engaging format! So, who better to share his experience at the Creator Summit?

His experience starts with a trip to Sweden, and plans to attend a massive party on the first night! Not a bad way to start a trip. But, he reveals that this is the first time he'll ever be actively collaborating with other creators. He laments the fact that while he's been active in emailing and trying to organize collaborations, none have panned out. Thus giving him purpose on this trip! For now, though, it's off to the party. Cue the hypest party scenes sure to induce FOMO, including face painting, live performances, and tons of creators!

Now, that kind of environment is not going to generate the best opportunities to collaborate. Fortunately, this is where the REAL escape begins for Hayden. Without really know WHERE they are going, he's heading off on a boat with a select group of other video creators for a more intimate experience. Their destination is a private cottage where the creator summit will kick-off!

One of the main speakers at the Epidemic Sound Creator Summit is Oscar Höglund, the CEO and Co-Founder. His talk covers plenty, but one of the big takeaways is how important each level of creativity is in the process. From the musicians to Epidemic, to the YouTubers using the music - everyone has synergy towards a common goal. Making the world a better place. Whether it's the inspiration, a message or just the positive vibes that are generated along the way - this is what being a creator is all about!

"Everyone can see the glass of water, and the water is set to the middle. Some people say it's half full, some people say it's half empty. And that's a choice - and [it’s about] finding people around you that make the choice to see it as half full," - Oscar Höglund.

With his final parting words, Hayden reflects on the experience he had. "Art has the ability to bring people together." This trip gave him an opportunity to connect with other people who are passionate about creating. Whether they work in music, or acquisition of music rights, or video production - everyone has a story to tell and a perspective to share. And it's in connecting with others that you begin to discover your true self and create your best work! Storytelling begins with stories, and those stories are created through experiences such as the Creator Summit.

Songs in this video:

- Teenage Lullaby by OOYY
- Melancholy by OOYY

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