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Chasing Sounds in Norway - Ooyy x Peter McKinnon

Chasing Sounds in Norway - Ooyy x Peter McKinnon

We brought the legendary Peter McKinnon to Norway to shoot an epic mini-doc on one of Epidemic Sound’s most prolific artists - Ooyy. The result was an absolutely amazing adventure through snow, through water, through the air, and through music. Join us in this experience as we learn more about Ooyy above the 66th parallel aka the Arctic Circle.

Our journey with Ooyy, aka Henrik Olsson, begins from the comfort of an easy chair. He is telling us about his creative process and how he works from home - his bedroom in fact. His equipment is portable, meaning he can store it under his bed when not in use. And when he’s lacking on inspirations, he turns to nature for some creative motivations. His homegrown talent has lead him to over fifteen million listens on Spotify and a career on the rise. Today, he’s going to be experiencing something new. Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the world - up into the arctic circle. Specifically, Lofoten, Norway - an area known for its majestic landscapes and short days. This is where he’s going to turn a landscape into a soundscape, as he builds a track from the sounds of his experiences there.

We cut to scenes of nature, the sounds around him, and learn about his creative process. “When I make music, I get into a creative bubble. It’s a space where I block everything out and just focus on the notes, sounds, and feelings. I lose myself in the process and without thinking, everything falls into place.” His creativity reflects his experiences, as he shares a story about having climbed Sweden’s tallest mountain - Kebnekaise (Cauldron Crest). The sounds of that experience have stuck with him ever since: snow crunching, ice cracking, the wind blowing and more.

This new experience is presenting him with updated sounds and inspiration - and as the track fades into the foreground, you’ll notice how sounds are incorporated.
His creativity isn’t just about making a track, it’s about creating an experience that makes you feel something. And few are better at it than Ooyy. If you want to listen to the song he made during this experience, it’s called Calling Me, check it out here.

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Chasing Sounds in Norway - Ooyy x Peter McKinnon
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