The best YouTube alternatives to try in 2024

YouTube is still the world's second-most visited site, but what are the alternatives? Let's walk through the pros and cons of platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more.

Trying YouTube alternatives

YouTube is still the boss of long-form video content in 2024, reeling in more than 1 billion hours of video views every day. But are there any alternatives out there, and are they worth using?

Today, we’ll cover:

What is YouTube’s biggest competitor?

On the surface, YouTube’s biggest competitor is probably Vimeo. We’ll discuss it more in a moment, but the platform was founded before YouTube, operates under the same premise, and has more than 260 million users. Granted, that’s still a fraction of YouTube’s audience — around a tenth — but it’s still a noticeable competitor. 

Using YouTube alternatives

If we think laterally, though, YouTube’s biggest rivals look a little different. Think of the high-quality, movie-level production you see in professional YouTube videos, often rendered in sparkling 4K. They suck people in for hours, encourage binge-watching, leave audiences wanting more. Sound familiar?

Netflix. Amazon. Disney+. Terrestrial television. These options have splintered viewers’ viewing habits over recent years, giving them more choice but forcing them to make tougher decisions with their cash. 

YouTube is a never-ending paradise of content, and that’s before you even get to YouTube TV: a 100+ collection of on-demand and traditional network content, spanning from news to live sports, kids’ TV to classic comedies. With this in its back pocket, YouTube reaches places none of its competitors can — you’ve got short-form content on YouTube Shorts, ‘regular’ YouTube content on the main platform, and traditional media on YouTube TV. 

Filming for Twitch

Will anything replace YouTube?

Probably not. The amount of YouTube monetization options, massive user base, and name recognition holds the platform in good stead going forward. Plus, as we touched on earlier, YouTube’s largest traditional competitor is way smaller — it doesn’t mean that it’s better or worse, but in terms of size, it’s not doing much damage.

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What are the best YouTube alternatives?

Now that we’ve waxed lyrical about YouTube, let’s look at the best alternatives: Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, and Kick. 

1. Vimeo

We’ve already mentioned Vimeo, and it’s hard to ignore: it’s the OG. The platform launched a year before YouTube, and focuses on more high-end content. We’re talking 4K UHD, ad-free browsing, and a built-in video editor.

Vimeo is still a big deal, but its audience is narrower than YouTube’s — it’s like comparing Netflix to, say, a curated streaming service like MUBI. They kind of do the same thing, but the former is a jack of all trades while the latter focuses on staff picks, spotlights, and maintaining a steep quality threshold.  

Creators and brands can broadcast live and monetize content on Vimeo, but it’s not as accessible as YouTube. There’s no ad revenue, meaning all money earned on Vimeo comes from premium subscriptions — this leaves no room for passive income. You’ll also need to splash the cash to access Vimeo’s premium and business plans, compared to YouTube, which is always free to use. 

2. Dailymotion

You’re probably familiar with Dailymotion. If not, you will be as soon as you use it, given how similar it is to YouTube. The layout, the range of quality between videos, the search bar — it’s uncanny.

However, some users find Dailymotion a little hectic and unorganized. On top of that, brands and creators don’t get much of a say in how they monetize content on Dailymotion, as the only payout method comes from ads. It’s a start, but not something you’d want to bank your business on.

3. Twitch

Primarily known as a streaming platform for gamers, Twitch has opened its doors to creators of all stripes. There’s streaming, there’s VOD, there’s money to be earned wherever you look — what’s not to like?

Compared to YouTube, Twitch is still considered a niche platform (although 240 million active users isn’t to be sniffed at). Newcomers can find it tricky to navigate, and may be put off by the heavy focus on gaming content. From a creator and brand standpoint, Twitch monetization may feel too competitive.

4. Kick

Kick, um, kicked its way into headlines back in 2023, offering Twitch streamers an alternative with fewer restrictions and more control. The platform labels itself as a ‘creator-friendly’ option, boasting a frankly unbelievable 95/5 ad revenue split with creators. That leaves Twitch’s 50/50 and even YouTube’s generous 70/30 split in the dust. 

Streaming on Kick

However, Kick does have its drawbacks. It’s a newer platform, and for that reason, it doesn't have the backing of major brands and creators like Twitch does. Some viewers also find the platform to be less user-friendly than Twitch, and have noted unwanted content — including gambling and nudity — pop up in their feed.

Can you use YouTube alternatives to make money?

Yep! As we’ve discussed, pretty much all YouTube alternatives offer a route to monetization. However, they don’t support the same range and accessibility for earning as YouTube. You can talk about YouTube vs. Vimeo or YouTube vs. Dailymotion until the sun goes down, but none of those platforms come close to toppling YouTube. 

On a similar note, the YouTube alternatives we’ve listed today just scratch the surface of what’s out there. You can check out platforms like PeerTube and Odysee, but monetization options are either non-existent or outside the scope of mainstream currency via crypto.

Streaming with a YouTube alternative

So, now that you know what the main YouTube alternatives are in 2024, it’s time to weigh up your options. Is it worth spreading your output across multiple platforms, or do you feel safer sticking with what you know?

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