One of the best parts about Twitch is the culture. Unlike YouTube, where audiences expect their content for free, Twitch’s culture is all about supporting streamers you love.

Achieve affiliate status to unlock subs and bits

One of the quickest ways you will see your channel make money is when you achieve affiliate status. Achieving affiliate status unlocks both subscriptions and bit cheers.

Subscriptions are a monthly payment that people pay to support the specific streamer to unlock certain perks. These perks include ad-free viewing, emotes and other things the streamer comes up with. There are three subscription levels: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3, at a cost of $5, $10 and $25 respectively. As an affiliate streamer, you get 50% of their total subscription fee for every month they subscribe to your channel. As a streamer, it is important to think of interesting perks beyond what Twitch offers to maximize value for your viewers.

The other way that affiliates make money on Twitch is through cheering of bits. Bits are Twitch’s currency and can be purchased for about $1.40USD per 100 bits. With those 100 bits, viewers can ‘cheer’ for the streamer if they did something they enjoyed, as a celebration, or just because they want to support you. For streamers, bits are worth 1-cent per bit, making 100 worth $1USD.

Set up Paypal tipping

Another great way to allow your viewers to support the stream is through Paypal tipping. It is very simple to do, and for most people can be done in a matter of minutes. First, set your account to business and make your display name your stream name. That way you won’t have any private information leaked. Second, you want to set up a link in a panel beneath your stream. Most people will include an image that once clicked takes them the payment gateway.

Through services like Streamlabs or Stream Elements, you can announce and thank the person who decides to support you financially. An additional idea that can help your stream is to set a donation goal. Say you want to buy a better streaming computer or a new game – you can set that as the goal and collectively your stream can support that desire. It can be a great way to enable the audience to help you create better content for them.

Affiliate yourself

One simple way to make some money on Twitch is through affiliate marketing. A great example of this is Amazon, whose affiliate program rewards you with a percentage of every dollar spent by the user. This includes everything from groceries to tech to tools. Anything that a user can find on Amazon could be a small affiliate income for you. Many online businesses have affiliate programs as well. Your first step in accessing this affiliate income is to sign up with services that offer them, such as Amazon or CJ Affiliate. Then, link those services via your stream and allow your audience to use them. The income may not be huge amounts, but as your audience grows, so too will those passive income paths.

Do brand deals

Once your audience starts to grow, you can start looking into brand deals. Many brand deals for smaller streamers are a combination of product and cash. Some brand deals can be very big and offer more money than you could ever earn in a month via all other methods. It’s important that you pick the RIGHT brand deals for your audience, and for the right amount. Too many streamers accept any brand deal that comes their way – devaluing their stream and damage their audience. In an ideal world, you should be pitching deals to the brand yourself. From there, listening to your audience and what they say about the deal – modifying as you go. Your audience is the reason the brand is willing to pay you, so make sure their needs are met before your pockets are filled.

Create a gift list

Finally, there’s one other way for audiences to support your stream – gift lists. By creating a gift list, you can enable your audience to support you with a product directly rather than a straight cash payment. This is often preferred by viewers because they know exactly where the money is going. Things like stream upgrades, food, or small gifts are ideal to put on your list. While they don’t directly contribute to making money, they do free up your money to buy other things.

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