“Being Able to Deliver Copyright Cleared Productions is Huge”

Chris Brockhurst answers about why he uses Epidemic Sound and why clearing videos for clients is important.

“Being Able to Deliver Copyright Cleared Productions is Huge”

Chris Brockhurst is a YouTuber, freelance filmmaker and Epidemic Sound ambassador who uses our Commercial Plan. He works with social media for brands and businesses, with the occasional wedding or real estate gig on the side. In this interview, Chris answers our questions about why he uses Epidemic Sound and why clearing videos for clients is important.

Q: What’s your process like when you soundtrack a client production?

A: It really depends on the video. Sometimes I will have an idea or vibe in my head and know what kind of music that’s going to be required to convey that feeling. If this is the case, then I will often find music before I even start an edit. The music becomes the base of the edit and I craft the video around the music.

For more generic or corporate styles of video, I personally feel like the music can come later. In those cases I will often edit the video in its entirety first and then find a few pieces of music that fit, throw them in the timeline and go with what feels best.

Q: Do you use the ‘Clear videos’ feature in the Commercial Plan?

A: Definitely. Although I’m the one producing the video for the client, they will publish it on their page or on their socials. If I wouldn’t be able to clear that video for the client, the only other way for them to publish without risking copyright strikes would be for them to have their own Epidemic Sound subscription attached to their page and socials.

To clear videos produced for clients, that are published on their channels, go to the 'Me' section in the top right corner, then 'Account.' Click 'Clear videos' and paste the link to the published video.

Q: What’s the main benefit of the ‘Clear videos’ feature to you as a creator?

A: Most clients don’t understand the vast time and effort that goes into making videos, let alone details like copyright issues. Being able to educate them on how music licensing works, reassuring them that you will clear everything and that they won’t have to worry about claims, takedowns or blocks, anywhere, is huge.

Q: Before using Epidemic Sound’s Commerical Plan, how did you, as a freelancer, license music for client work?

A: Without naming any sites, I paid pretty hefty license fees per song! We’re talking more than the Epidemic Sound subscription costs for an entire month, and then I get an unlimited amount of downloads. I’ll be totally honest in that I still might use one of these sites once in a while. But for nearly all of the work I do nowadays, Epidemic Sound is all I need.

Q: Why do you use Epidemic Sound?

A: A couple of reasons really. The vast variety of music and the ease of finding the right track are huge benefits for me. I often find a piece that is almost what I am after, click ‘find similar’ – clicking the track's title also works – and end up finding what I need in there. I’ve used other sites in the past and never had the same kind of luck navigating the music library to find what I need. Another big reason I use Epidemic Sound is that they don’t charge per song.

Check out Chris' YouTube channel here!

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