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Epidemic Sound Presents: Behind the Sound

Epidemic Sound Presents: Behind the Sound

At Epidemic Sound, we care about our music creators. After all, without them, we don’t exist. They’re the lifeblood of our company, and as such, we spotlight them as often as possible. Here’s our latest celebration: our YouTube series, ‘Behind the Sound!’

Across five weeks, ‘Behind the Sound’ has followed five Epidemic Sound music creators from different backgrounds, genres and viewpoints. We’ve dug into what makes them them, peeling back their passions, motivations, and musical journeys.

During the series, we explored what it means to be an artist. Featuring exclusive performances and eye-opening interviews between music creators and content creators, ‘Behind the Sound’ also highlights Epidemic Sound’s unique relationship with our artists. Our unique remuneration model offers upfront payments of between $1,200 and $6,000 per track, a 50/50 split of streaming royalties, and a portion of a $2 million soundtrack bonus – not bad!

We also provide mental health support, an option to invest in the company, opportunities to collaborate with professional A&Rs, and flexible, non-exclusive licensing agreements. Learn more about how Epidemic Sound works with artists here.

Now, let’s look at how our artists fell in love with music, how they collaborate with us, and more. Here’s a sneak peek of all things ‘Behind the Sound!’

Torii Wolf

Kicking off the first episode, we sent content creator Vuhlandes to chat with the proudly independent trip-hop artist, Torii Wolf. In a scene that looks so perfect it must be ripped straight from a sitcom, the two of them discuss Torii’s musical influences while driving a swan pedal boat through Echo Park. Rewarding, funny and heartfelt, the whole thing’s capped off with a gorgeous acoustic run-through of Torii’s ‘Ten Billion Years.’

Ebo Krdum

Episode two introduces us to African blues musician, human rights activist and Swedish Grammy winner, Ebo Krdum: a fearless artist who uses his platform to raise awareness of the political unrest in his home country of Sudan. Content creator That Icelandic Guy guides the conversation, leading to a chilled-out performance of Ebo’s upcoming single, ‘Afo Kornanga,’ and a nail-biting – OK, not really – game of pool.

Alex Kehm

Vuhlandes takes us to the halfway point as he chats with cool-as-a-cucumber indie star Alex Kehm. Between videos of their early home recordings and the streets of Manhattan, Alex details how their humble beginnings led to them hitting the top of Epidemic Sound’s ‘Now Trending’ page. The fruits of that labor can be heard towards the end, with a spine-tingling version of Alex’s ‘Face.’


That Icelandic Guy is back again to chat with DAJANA. Holed up in her lovely Southern Stockholm farmhouse, the singer-songwriter walks us through her uniquely brash brand of electro-pop, meditation, her brushes with fame on a Swedish talent show and more. This episode also features an adorable dog, but if that’s not your thing, DAJANA’s acoustic playthrough of ‘Best for Me’ is worth sticking around for.

Lawd Ito

Bringing us home with the final episode, Vuhlandes catches up with Latin indie-pop sensation Lawd Ito. Learn all about Lawd’s lockdown concert performed to teddy bears, the journey to creating music full-time and, um, drumming for a hardcore band wearing a Darth Vader mask? If that’s not convinced you – how could it not?! – perhaps Lawd Ito’s acoustic rendition of ‘Belén’ will do the trick.

If you’re a music creator and want to work with Epidemic Sound, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here – let’s soundtrack the world together!

If you’re a content creator and want to learn more about our artists, why not check out our catalog? We’re packing more than 35,000 royalty-free tracks from old-school hip-hop to metal, flamenco to circus music. Best of all, you can browse with peace of mind, knowing our music creators are paid fairly. Discover your new favorite artist today.

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Epidemic Sound Presents: Behind the Sound
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