Here’s how barre3 nails workout music in 2022

If you’re looking for workout music in 2022, you can’t just use any old tunes. You need to motivate. Inspire. Give people a reason to get out of bed and start sweating! Fitness company barre3 does just that – here’s how.


If you’re looking for workout music in 2022, you can’t just use any old tunes. You need to motivate. Inspire. Give people a reason to get out of bed and start sweating! Fitness company barre3 does just that – here’s how.

Music licensing can be a hassle

barre3 has more than 170 studios across the United States. When everything locked down during the pandemic, the business had to move almost its entire offering online.

That wasn’t an overnight switch. barre3 Talent Manager and Digital Lead Instructor, Andrew Ash, was responsible for sourcing music for these online sessions.

He couldn’t just pick some random stock music and hope for the best, though – barre3 is dedicated to teaching people to be balanced in body and empowered from within, so he needed music that could do all that. As a bonus, he wanted to source the music without it causing a logistical headache.

“We knew using music for our digital content was going to be complex, and we knew that we couldn't offer music in our digital space the same way we do in our studios,” he explains. “We needed a less expensive, less complicated, and less time-consuming process to deliver great music to our clients. We researched options and used an expert attorney to vet the process. Long story short, this led us to Epidemic Sound.”


What is the best music to listen to while working out?

Andrew knew that if he wanted to find the best workout music for 2022, he needed to get to the right tracks fast. Wading through all the legal loopholes, copyright agreements, payment processing, catalog auditing, and more would leave him with no time to do his actual job.

“We went from having this grand vision of picking any track in the world to a limited catalog of music,” says Andrew. “But after listening to Epidemic Sound’s music, I was reassured. It didn’t sound like stock music. It just sounded like real artists making great music, and of course, it was.

“We have clients commenting on our online workouts and contacting online support about the playlists we curate. They want to know who sings a particular song, or they want us to send them our playlists because they love what they're hearing. I think that speaks to the quality of the music in the best way possible.”

Check out Still Feels Right by Flux Vortex, which barre3 have used in their workouts.

Flux Vortex - Still Feels Right

Want to get in on the action? Browse our catalog below.

What music gets barre3 pumped?

On top of working at barre3, Andrew is a singer, songwriter, producer, and performer. He knows his stuff when it comes to music, and he uses Epidemic Sound’s pinpointed search fields to make sure he finds the perfect track every time.

“The mood, genre, and style all vary from instructor to instructor, but tempo is something we’re all mindful of,” he says of barre3’s workout sessions. “Usually, the songs are somewhere between 118 and 130 in BPM. Anything higher and things could spiral out of control, and lower just feels too slow — though there are tracks with 90 BPM that work for some classes, and 140 can work if you skip and beat in the movement patterns.”

In the Epidemic Sound Player, Andrew can search for tracks based on BPM, mood, and genre. If he finds a near-perfect track but one instrument’s just not hitting right, that’s not a problem. He simply downloads the track’s stems and saves a new version without that particular instrument.

Here’s an example of barre3 and Epidemic Sound in action. Looks…sweaty.

Why does barre3 use Epidemic Sound?

There are plenty of websites, apps, and companies to get music – the internet’s a big place. barre3 uses Epidemic Sound to get the best workout music in 2022. Here are some of the upsides:

  • The catalog covers both quantity and quality. There are more than 40,000 tracks to choose from, with up to 300 fresh new tracks added every month. Meanwhile, older, dated songs are removed.
  • The search function is laser-focused. It allows you to find exactly what you want, instead of spending hours trawling through things you’re not interested in. 
  • The tracks are customizable. You can download the whole mix, or select stems to exclude certain instruments.
  • All rights are included. We own all of the rights to the music in our catalog, so there’s nobody in the middle trying to take any money away. It’s a direct license from us to you. 
  • That makes it simple. There aren’t any unusual contracts or complicated financial agreements. If you have an active Epidemic Sound subscription, you can use our music on your cleared platforms.
  • We’re not just a service. If Andrew’s having trouble finding something, he asks his dedicated Success Manager. “I feel like I’m speaking directly to the tech and product teams at Epidemic Sound,” he elaborates. “It’s great knowing our voice is heard and appreciated.”

If you’re looking for workout music in 2022, we’ve got you covered. Contact our sales team below and start soundtracking your gym content. Get pumped!

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