Artist Spotlight: Hallman

Hallman is a fast-growing Swedish EDM producer. We sat down with him to learn more about him, his personal life, his creative process and his latest release.

Artist Spotlight: Hallman

Hallman is a fast-growing Swedish EDM producer, and his latest release is sure to continue that climb.

We sat down with Hallman to learn more about him, his personal life, his creative process and his latest release: "Get It Right Now".

Hallman, or as he is more personally known, Viktor Hallman, was born and raised near Gothenburg, Sweden. Unlike many musical artists, Hallman didn't have an innate love of music from a young age. In fact, his discovery of music was completely by accident - a chance opportunity to witness a friend playing the piano when he was 12. Curious, he decided to try to mimic his friend, finding that instinctively, he was able to pick up what his friend was doing and replicate the sound. An immediate connection with music was made and right away he asked his parents for a keyboard, which they obliged. From there, he spent the next couple of years learning everything he could about piano - often from online tutorials.

His passion only grew from there, as he ended up discovering Fruity Loops Studio, a music looping, and creation software. This new tool awakened even more creativity within and he began exploring the world of music production. He found himself interested in local producers making a name for themselves, such as Swedish House Mafia and Alesso. Those local DJs inspired him to create his early trance tracks. As time has gone on, Hallman has discovered his own style combining soft house with trance to create something truly special.

How Hallman creates tracks

Hallman has a relatively simple process when he creates his music. He starts with the chord progression, often using the piano to develop the vibe he's looking for. Once that's decided, he moves onto the melody. This is an easy task for him, as his unique instinct with music enables him to create the track in his head and know exactly what it's going to sound like. Finally, drums and percussion fill out the sound and help finalize the track. From there, it’s ready for everyone’s Spotify playlist!

Inspiration for those songs tends to come from his daily life. While working or going about his day, he'll take notes on particular sounds or melodic ideas on his phone. Then, once he’s home and able to bring his music to life, that's where those notes come in handy. This leads us to Hallman's latest track: "Get It Right Now", a melodic and upbeat EDM track that's sure to inspire and put a smile on your face. This follows in the footsteps of his previous releases "All in My Head" and "Starfields", which have earned millions plays on Spotify and YouTube. Make sure to follow Hallman on Instagram!

Songs featured in this episode of Artist Spotlight include:

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