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Animation Challenge – Win a Wacom Tablet & a Yearly Subscription

Animation Challenge – Win a Wacom Tablet & a Yearly Subscription

Calling all animators: whether you’re an aspiring designer or a seasoned pro, this is a challenge you don’t want to miss. Stellar prices are at stake, so what are you waiting for? Keep reading for all the juicy details.

The world has truly been put through the wringer this year. With gigs being pushed back, creators have been trying to adapt and find new ways to connect with their audience. We’ve seen some trends ramp up, and others start to fade away. Animated content, on the other hand, is positioned to grow, and it seems like the industry is thriving online.  

We all love to think back on those classic animations we watched as kids, but technology today enables us to do so much more. Designers have crossed onto new dimensions, integrating old school 2D styles with contemporary 3D techniques. With brands increasingly favoring animation as a way to communicate and convey their message, there's never been a better time to master the craft. Unusual storytelling, psychedelic worlds, and surreal characters... The opportunities are endless and that makes us excited for the future.

So, animators, we thought we’d let you in on something special. This is your chance to win a Wacom Cintiq 16 Tablet and a yearly Epidemic Sound subscription on the Personal Plan, with unlimited access to 32 000 royalty-free music tracks (total value: $1000).

Are you up for the challenge? Here’s how it goes:

  • To take on the challenge, you need to have an active subscription. You can sign up for a free trial here.
  • Deliver an animated video under one minute with exclusively Epidemic Sound music and/or sound effects. Aspect ratio: 4:5.
  • You can use old or new footage – whatever rocks your socks. But remember: you must be the sole rights owner of the video content.
  • The challenge starts today and ends on December 31. We understand that our community is very global, so here’s a rule of thumb: whenever the clock strikes midnight in your respective time zones, time’s up!
  • The winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 14, through our social media platforms. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop! (@epidemicsound)

How to submit:

  • Submit your video before December 31 here.
  • Planning to share your video with the world? Use the hashtag #ESAnimations, and don’t forget to tag us @epidemicsound.

Need some inspiration? Here are some tracks to get you started:

Epic Animation
Animation Soundtrack

Good luck, storytellers!

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Animation Challenge – Win a Wacom Tablet & a Yearly Subscription
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