Try these 4 TikTok hacks to gain followers

There are tons of TikTok hacks you can use to create content, capture trends, and gain new followers. Here are four you can try today!

Filming TikTok hacks

There are tons of TikTok hacks you can use to create content, capture trends, and gain new followers. Here are 4 you can try today!

Minecraft hacks

Minecraft is one of the most popular computer games on the planet, so any tips, tricks, or funny glitches you can find are sure-fire ways to pick up views and followers.

They don’t have to be big or clever. Sometimes, the best Minecraft TikTok hacks are just the ones that make you LOL. This hack from GEVids came out in December 2021, racking up millions of views by… hiding a pet dog miles underground? Sure.

@gevids Can you beat this? 😳 #minecraftmemes #minecrafthacks #minecraft ♬ Chug Jug With You - Rok Nardin

TikTok hacks in LokiCraft

As a cheeky bonus, you can get in on some LokiCraft TikTok hacks. It’s a free game that’s similar to Minecraft, but without some of the key features like online play. LokiCraft is not an official Minecraft property, but the same hacks still apply. People love building their own in-game worlds!

Life hacks

We’re all busy – sometimes, you just need a video that helps you live your best life. TheFoldingLady does just that, and the below might be one of the most satisfying TikTok life hacks we’ve ever seen.

Do you have a weird way of stacking the dishwasher that makes everything squeaky clean? Have you cracked the code to ultra-efficient supermarket shopping? These kinds of life hacks will always pop off on TikTok, because people love content that makes their lives easier.

@thefoldinglady #fyp #towels #home #hack #lifehack #viral ♬ SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY - Remix - Amaarae & Kali Uchis

Food hacks

Food is one of the most universal subjects you can cover when it comes to content. As such, any TikTok food hacks should be accessible for people to source ingredients, make, and enjoy.

Take this video by maha2740, which explains how to make instant ramen noodles taste better. She adds a few extra ingredients, throws them in the pan, and that’s it! The video is 45 seconds long, gets to the point, and makes those noodles look damn tasty. As long as your TikTok food hack is fun, easy, and ultimately delicious, it’s worth trying!

@maha2740 this is actually good #noodles #ramen #recipe #food #foodhacks #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #tiktokfood #yum ♬ original sound - Jacquie Deering

Makeup hacks

Like food hacks, TikTok makeup hacks are those special nuggets of content that everyone should seek out. Most people who wear makeup know how to apply it, but there are so many tips and tricks to improve your technique.

This snappy, ‘Three things I learned’-style video from ameliaolivia09 is great because it tells you why you should be changing up your routine. It’s not condescending, rude, or even particularly new – it’s simply pointing out some killer application tips and beauty hacks that might have passed you by.

@ameliaolivia09 You need to do these!! Vid ib: @cariad_ryan #musthavemakeup #makeuptips #celebritymakeupartist #makeuphacks ♬ original sound - Ase Smith

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