Small business owners, whether a video creator or YouTube adjacent, all have the same goals. It's all about growing your business and connecting with new customers. Understandably, this can be a struggle! If you're passionate about what you want to sell, communicating that to a potential customer isn't always easy. In fact, that's where most small businesses struggle most. We have the world at our fingertips, but many aren't sure where to start. Today, we're giving you 10 marketing strategy ideas that you should try in 2020!

#1 - Search Engine Optimization + written content

The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be understated. Whenever we have a question, we Google it for an answer. You want to make sure that when people are searching a question that your business answers, that they find you. One of the best ways of doing this is through a good website based SEO strategy AND regular, fresh, written content. High-quality content done over a period of months and years is what improves those results. As Google continues to develop an 'understanding' of natural language, so too will the results. If you're not blogging consistently, you're falling behind.

#2 - Video marketing

The second biggest search engine in the world after Google is YouTube. Video marketing benefits your marketing strategy by answers questions in an easily consumed media format. Video content is more involved than writing, but the benefits can be immense. Using your product in the videos, or answering questions about your product is a good place to start. If you can come up with a UNIQUE way to make the content engaging, even better! Experiment, adjust and be consistent in your video marketing efforts - if done right, it can pay off big time.

#3 - Collaboration

Working with other people is a great way to get your name out. Collaboration can come in many forms. One idea is to work with a non-competitive complementary business or service. If you're a video creator, working with another video creator is a great way to promote each other. If you have a service that may be useful to a creative person, collaborate with them on one of their projects. Any way to work with others is a fantastic organic way to build awareness.

#4 - Social media

It's 2020 - if you're not on social media, you're missing a lot! As a research tool, social media is one of the best ways to identify common questions that possible customers may have. Not only is it a great research tool, but allows you to connect directly with current customers. That said, you shouldn't use social media as a broadcasting tool -it's a communication tool. Share, listen, talk and learn. Lastly, explore social media sites that are lesser-known. One growing 'teen' platform is Tiktok - but while the users skew very young, that means the influx of older users hasn't happened yet. Keep an eye out for the NEXT thing.

#5 - Go where your competitors aren't

While it may seem like going to places where your competitors are is a great way to take THEIR market share. BUT, what if you go where those competitors aren't? By getting creative and looking for your audience in elusive places, you have a better chance of being the only one finding them there. That's called an untapped market - and is ripe to grow your business!

#6 - Google Adwords

If your content and SEO strategy aren't paying off immediately, you can pay Google to surface your business in search. Google Adwords gives you full access to pay for nearly any search terms. Now, when exploring paid search results, it can get expensive if you're not careful. A good rule of thumb is to set a small budget and see if it pays off. Change things, update and experiment until you find a result that pays dividends. Then invest more in your Google Adwords strategy!

#7 - Email lists

Email lists are one of the best ways to connect with your customers. While they are difficult to create, they offer you a direct line to their inbox. It's a way more personal way to interact with someone than trying to get them to visit your website or view your other content. Email lists may have fallen out of fashion, but their value is everpresent.

#8 - Create something of value and give it away

Whether you're building an email list or growing a social following - a good way to do so is a giveaway. Now you COULD give away your product, but you don't want to do that in perpetuity. Instead, create something of value that you can give away to everyone. This can be something like an ebook, or a digital tool. By creating something of value, you create demand, and if the price is $0 - many people will want it. This also establishes trust and makes people far more likely to want to buy something from you.

#9 - Develop an affiliate program

If you have a product or service that other people can sell for you - an affiliate program is a great way to encourage this! Affiliate programs reward people financially if they sell your product/service. The most common ways of doing this are unique affiliate links or through a custom promo code. Make the reward worth it, and this may be your best marketing strategy for 2020.

#10 - Experiment with the unknown

Never fear experimentation - instead, embrace it! Experimenting with the unknown is one of the best ways to break out of a marketing strategy funk. Imagine there are no limitations on what you can do - now try to make them happen. Maybe it's a new social network, or a unique community to get involved in. Perhaps it's a wild idea to send your ten-millionth customer to the Space Station. Or for one day, you want everyone in a town to wear your shirt! Never be afraid to experiment with wild ideas - you may just stumble upon something great!

These 10 marketing strategy ideas will help you get started in 2020. All of these can be applied by small businesses around the world and in any industry. Whether you’re a startup YouTuber, a streamer, a music artist, an editor, or any other business owner - your marketing strategy starts now! Pick one (or many) of the above 10 strategy ideas and try them out! At the very least, you’re going to learn a lot!