Royalty-free music for documentaries

Welcome to our curated collection of royalty-free music for documentaries. Immerse yourself in a world of captivating melodies and powerful soundscapes, specifically crafted to enhance the art of storytelling, without worrying about licensing restrictions.

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Captivating background music for documentaries

Captivating background music for documentaries

Discover the perfect backdrop for your documentary with our vast selection of royalty-free background music. Our carefully curated catalog offers a diverse range of tracks, ensuring you'll find the ideal musical accompaniment for every scene.

With our royalty-free music, you can focus on telling your story without the worry of licensing restrictions. Elevate your documentary to new heights with our captivating and hassle-free music selection.

Enhance your nature documentary with perfectly curated music

Enhance your nature documentary with perfectly curated music

One of the most impactful elements in creating an immersive nature documentary is the effective use of music. A well-curated soundtrack has the power to transport viewers to breathtaking landscapes, evoke powerful emotions, and deepen their connection with the natural world. With one of Epidemic Sounds subscriptions you are sure to find the perfect soundtrack to your specific documentary.

Frequently asked questions about royalty-free music for documentaries

How do I find the right music for my documentary?

Choosing the right music for a documentary can make a huge difference in how the viewer perceives it. But how does one choose the best music? Every movie has a different vibe and it’s up to the filmmaking team to encapsulate it with the perfect soundtrack.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, either check out the soundtrack of your favorite documentaries or explore our Documentary Theme. Our Themes are playlists that have been curated by our Music Curation team, don’t forget to check them out!

Do I need to give credit to the artist when using royalty-free music in my documentaries?

It depends on the terms and conditions specified by the license provider. Some royalty-free stock music providers may require you to give credit to the artist, while others may not.

Epidemic Sound does not require subscribers to give credit to any artists, although it’s highly appreciated.

Do I need permission to use a song in a documentary?

If you release a documentary to the public, you must comply with the general copyright rules which means that, yes, you must own the rights to use specific music in your content. You could either ask the artist, the record label that manages their catalog, or simply get started with Epidemic Sound. With a subscription you are free to use any of our songs in your productions.

I’m a freelancer. Which plan is right for me?

The Commercial Plan gives you full sublicensing rights. If you produce content for others to publish on their channels and they want to avoid copyright claims, you simply add the URLs of the published video and we'll clear them for you.

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