What is Filmic Pro and should you use it?

Filmic Pro is an award-winning mobile app that's been used by everyone from rookie content creators to Lady Gaga. But what is it, can you get it for free, and how do you use its main features?

Using Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro has been used by everyone from rookie content creators to Lady Gaga. But what is it, can you get it for free, and how do you use its main features?

What is Filmic Pro?

Filmic Pro is an award-winning mobile app that gives content creators greater control of their shooting conditions. It’s best-known for capturing the footage for Lady Gaga’s 2020 single, ‘Stupid Love’. Watch that below – the whole thing was filmed on iPhone 11!

What does Filmic Pro do?

Filmic Pro allows you to capture video your way. It gives you manual control of your device when shooting, allowing you to customize the experience in a way your phone’s native camera app just can’t match. Essentially, it transforms your smartphone into a pro-level camera.

Is Filmic Pro free?

Filmic Pro is an A-grade mobile app, and unfortunately that comes at a cost. Filmic Pro isn’t free. It’s free to download, but once you open the app, you’ll have to cough up to use it. However, if you’re new, you’ll likely be offered a seven-day free trial.

Is Filmic Pro a one-time purchase?

Filmic Pro used to be a one-time deal, but shifted to a subscription model in 2022. Subscribing for a week costs $2.99, while a year is priced at $39.99. So, if you do the free trial, like what you see and can afford to pay upfront, it’s worth going for the yearly purchase.

Filming with Filmic Pro

Which phones are compatible with Filmic Pro?

Filmic Pro is compatible with most modern mobile devices. While it’s commonly thought of as an Apple-related app, it’s also available for Android devices, including:

  • Google
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Xiaomi
  • Sony
  • Huawei
  • Asus
  • OnePlus

Does Filmic Pro work on Android?

It’s worth noting that Filmic Pro isn’t compatible with all Android devices. For example, it works on OnePlus 5T devices, but not the 5 or X models.

Before parting with any cash, give the free trial a go and see if it’s compatible with your phone. If you forget to do this, or if the trial isn’t offered to you, ‌Google Play gives customers the chance to request a refund within a 48-hour window. This means that if you purchase Filmic Pro and it doesn’t work on your device, you should be able to get your money back.

Father and daughter using Filmic Pro

How long can Filmic Pro record for?

Filmic Pro saves exported footage locally, straight to your device. The app makes it easy to allocate time to recordings with its ‘Estimated Record Time’ indicator. This depends on how you’re filming. For example, if you film in 1080p, you’ll be able to record for longer than in 4K, as the former represents a lower resolution.

The amount of time you can record for also depends on how much space you have left on your phone. If your device is full of junk you’ve forgotten to remove – we’ve all got those random movies, podcasts and playlists –– you’ll naturally have less space for Filmic Pro footage. If you want to shoot loads of footage, remember to wipe unnecessary downloads and files from your mobile before starting the shoot.

Can you use Filmic Pro for photography?

You can’t use Filmic Pro for still photography. It’s an app geared towards and optimized for video, so it doesn’t have a still image function.

Does Filmic Pro have autofocus?

You can focus manually within Filmic Pro by dragging the square-looking icon, which represents focus, toward the subject you’d like to focus on. This is perfect for static, dialogue-heavy scenes where subjects don’t move around too much.

Using Filmic Pro to film a dance class

However, if you’re shooting on the move, you might require a splash of autofocus. If that’s the case, just double-click the square focus button, and you’ll be shooting in autofocus. If you fancy locking focus for a second, that’s no problem, either. Tapping the square once, while in autofocus, will lock the focus on your given subject until you tap it again, returning to autofocus.

Does Filmic Pro have auto-exposure?

Filmic Pro’s exposure works in the same way as its focus. The icon for exposure is circular, rather than square – drag it to light areas to lower exposure, and darker portions to increase it. Once you’ve done that, tap the button to lock the exposure levels.

Double-clicking the exposure button will activate auto-exposure, which can work a treat in uncontrolled environments lacking proper key lighting. 

Does Filmic Pro have stabilization?

If you’ve not got a gimbal or tripod, have shaky hands, or just want things to be as static as can be, Filmic Pro’s got you covered. The app has an on/off stabilization setting, which you can toggle when needed. Once it’s turned on, it automatically plows into the highest level of stabilization offered on your device. There’s even a ‘Cinematic Stabilization’ mode if you’re looking for extra-smooth results.

Filming with Filmic Pro

What are some other features in Filmic Pro?

Exposure, focus control and stabilization are just a few of the tools available in Filmic Pro, alongside shutter speed and ISO. Let’s check out a few more of those juicy features:

  • Lens selection: This mimics the action of swapping a lens on a ‘real’ camera. You can flit between different options on both the front and rear cameras to achieve the lens angle you want.
  • Guide: Chops the screen into a nine-square grid, making it easier to think about things like lower thirds and composition. 
  • Live analytics: Overlays like False Color and Zebra Stripes help you identify weak spots in focus, exposure and so on.
  • Automatic Gain Correction: This helps maintain consistent gain levels in your device’s microphone.

What are the alternatives to Filmic Pro?

Filmic Pro is next-level when capturing footage, but its video editing capabilities are pretty much non-existent. It’s also pricey, compared to other free or low-cost mobile apps. Let’s look at a few Filmic Pro alternatives:

  • Protake: This app lets you adjust things in a similar fashion to Filmic Pro, including lens selection. It’s free to download, but to access everything in the app, you’ll need to fork out $20 per year – still half the cost of Filmic Pro. It’s available for both Android and iOS.
  • Open Camera: This app’s free, but only available to Android users. Even so, it lets you fiddle with focus, exposure, shutter speed and the like. Pretty handy!
  • Moment: This app is only accessible for iOS users and costs $7, but if you were looking for a still-image version of Filmic Pro, then Moment isn’t bad! It also handles video, but not to the same standard.
Filming with Filmic Pro

Don’t forget that video editing is just as important as the footage you capture! If you want to dive into some post-production apps, both free and paid-for, read our guide on the best video editing apps and software.

Is Filmic Pro worth it?

Yes! While the initial price seems steep compared to some of the alternatives, Filmic Pro delivers. If you’re not ready to take the plunge on expensive camera equipment, this app is the next best thing.

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