Want to Create Inspiring Content for our Artists & Music Creators?

We want to offer our community the opportunity to create amazing content for and with our music creators. Will you be the next one up?

Want to Create Inspiring Content for our Artists & Music Creators?

For storytellers, empowerment means being able to create content for any platform, anywhere, and easily share it with the world. That’s why we want to offer our community the opportunity to create amazing content for and with our music creators. Will you be the next one up?

At Epidemic Sound, we want to empower creators to achieve creative and commercial success. And what better way to do that than by bringing content creator wizards and musical masterminds together? We want to cater to potential super collabs by matching content creators with music creators.

To give you an idea of what the process might look like, we had a chat with content creator Lana and music creator, Cospe about their latest music video collaboration. Hear what they have to say about it below!


Q: For those reading this who don’t know you – can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey as a content creator?

A: I am a digital nomad and video content creator from Russia. I started my YouTube journey a little less than two years ago, and I make videos about self-development, traveling, and living a digital nomad lifestyle. I’ve always tried to include some travel content into my videos, but then Covid happened, and now I’m back at home.

One thing I’ve always loved since I started making videos is working with music. I always thought it would be nice to make music videos for the music I love, but it’s not something I felt would ever actually happen.

Q: So this is the first music video you’ve made? How did you approach creating the video?

A: Usually, you can pick between lots of tracks when you make content, and you often choose the track you’re going to use after you’ve made the content. This time, I already had the track in mind, and it determined the vibe and mood that I wanted to capture with the video. I wanted it to match the vibe of the track and for the whole thing to work together; even down to the pace of the shoot, the style, and the model.

Q: Tell us more about the amazing setting of the video. What inspired you to film the music video there?

A: I had heard about Cappadocia from a lot of different people. At the time, I was living in Istanbul (while being a digital nomad), and I thought I would try to see it on my way home. So it was kind of a coincidence I went there, I guess. The balloon flying in Cappadocia felt like a natural setting for the track, but I wasn’t prepared for the national park with a volcano, lakes, horses, and flamingos that you see in the second part of the video. I knew about the balloons, but not about that. So that was lucky!

Q: The way that you cut the footage to the track makes it feel so vibrant. What did you think about when you first heard the track?

A: The first time I listened to the track, I analyzed it and broke it down into segments. I tried to find patterns that were intentionally created by the artist and understand how I could support them through the video. I quickly realized that the track was really fast and quite long! I didn’t want the video to get boring, so I tried adding more visuals to make it feel more dynamic and match the feeling of the track.

When I shot the video, I thought I had a lot of footage, but when I started editing, I soon realized that I needed more footage. It really depends on the weather whether you are able to fly the balloons in Cappadocia; if it’s bad weather, the flights get canceled.

I filmed from the ground on the first two days of the shoot, but when I was meant to fly on the third day, the flights were canceled. After that, there was a week of snow and storms, so I actually traveled to another place. When I heard that the weather cleared up, I actually ended up spontaneously going back in order to fly – I had 20 minutes to decide whether to take a 13-hour bus ride to make it back there in time... But I managed to fly in a balloon and got some great aerial shots, so it was worth it.

Q: Tell us more about how you started working with Epidemic Sound! How was it working with us on the video for Orient?

A: I was living in Bali as a digital nomad when I met this guy who was working as a filmmaker. It turned out he had worked on the Peter Mckinnon x Ooyy video. Everyone has seen that video; it was a great video and you really couldn’t miss it. Through that meeting, I realized that making music videos for Epidemic Sound, and its artists is actually something I’d like to do.

I became an ambassador for ES last year, and earlier this year, I received an email about making the music video for Orient. We YouTubers often don’t feel qualified to make a whole production like this, so I wasn’t sure if I was a good fit. Then I was asked to do the music video for Cospe and was like, “I love their music. It’s different, it’s great”. So I said “of course!”


Q: What were your first thoughts when you first saw Lana’s video for your track Orient?

It was a dream come true. It was what I fantasized about when I made the song: someone to use the track in a slightly unreal and oriental setting. She nailed that with her video. The way she cut the video to our track also complimented it really well.

Q: How did it feel to let someone else make the music video for your track? Do you think she captured the feeling you tried to capture with the track?

A: She enhanced the track, honestly. If you make something that someone else wants to use as a way to tell a story and develop something, I feel you have succeeded as an artist. For me, it’s an ego boost; it feels really good when you go online and someone reaches out to you and wants to make a video. That’s a real compliment!

Check out how the music video turned out below.

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