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A Better Way To Find Music

A Better Way To Find Music

To make it even easier for you to find that perfect soundtrack, we're making some changes to how we curate music. We call it Themes and it's currently live as a test for a randomized group of all Epidemic Sound users. Themes is replacing Albums on the music home page.

Themes overview Page

The curation of Themes is a blend of manual curation, data-driven insights and the feedback you've given us. That's why we're confident that Themes will better help you find the music you're after, compared to Albums. If you're in the test group and you miss a certain Album, search for it in the search bar. As usual, reach out if you have any questions!

Theme page with continuously updated Playlists

If you happen to be part of the test group and have Themes, we’d love your thoughts, please share them in the survey available on the Themes starting page. Thank you!

A Better Way To Find Music
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