The $5000 Ad Challenge

The reality of today can get a little overwhelming at times but thankfully, there are plenty of ways to spread good vibes.

The $5000 Ad Challenge

The reality of today can get a little overwhelming at times but thankfully, there are plenty of ways to spread good vibes.

Last week we announced our ‘MAKE THE WORLD SMILE’ challenge and we would like to thank everyone who participated. All of your submissions truly brightened up our day!

Congratulations Vera Råback, Matthew Wright and Lachlan Bolton, you’ve all been crowned winners! Check out their smileful content on our Instagram.

Now, on to the next challenge...

This week, we want to let you in on something special. We’re looking for cool video ads and we want to invite YOU to contribute! With office lockdowns and self-quarantines, creative collaborations between creators and businesses are a major challenge. We want to break that pattern and get closer to our global online network of diverse creators – you!

Starting today (Wednesday, April 8), we want you to pitch an ad for Epidemic. The pitch should be delivered in video format (60 seconds max) and answer the question: “Why is Epidemic Sound the perfect music service for content creators?”. Your video can showcase your planned ad in any way you like – the key is for you to give us a clear idea of the narrative and visual direction.

The chosen winner will work with our team to create the ad and claim the prize of $5000! So make sure you can create it given the current situation

Don’t hold back! We would love to grow our audience and with your help, we hope to get one step closer to soundtracking the world. We can't wait to get blown away by seeing your creative skills in action!

Are you’re up for the challenge? Follow these steps and check out the prize…

Here’s how it goes:

  • To take on the challenge, you need to have an active subscription.  You can sign up for a free trial here.
  • You must use Epidemic music and SFXs!
  • You can use old or new footage whatever rocks your socks BUT remember you must be the sole rights owner of the video content.
  • You have from today until Friday 24 April, to submit your pitch through the Typeform (link below). We understand that our community is very global, so here’s the rule of thumb: whenever the clock strikes midnight in your respective time zones, time’s up!
  • Your work will then be reviewed by a jury at Epidemic for ten days until Thursday, April 30. Based on creativity and originality the jury will pick three runner ups, who will be announced through email.
  • Those selected will then get the chance to actually pitch their idea for the Epidemic Jury over a call (#socialdistancing) and from this, we will choose a winner.
  • Now you create! You will work with our marketing team at Epidemic to create your 30-second! Just remember to stay safe given the current situation.

Not yet convinced? Wait until you see the prize….

The person taking home first prize will win 5000 USD and a yearly subscription on the Commercial Plan!* Note that this amount should cover the creation of your ad. We will also pick two runner ups who will each win a yearly subscription on the Commercial Plan.

Submit your pitch below for your chance to win. Planning to share your video with the world? Let us know as well! Use the hashtag #Come2gether and don’t forget to tag us. @epidemicsound

Are you experiencing troubles filling in the Typeform? Click here to submit!

*The amount will be paid out by you invoicing Epidemic Sound.


About the #Come2gether Challenges

With half the world being stuck in quarantine, the need for fun, engaging and educating content has never been bigger. And here at Epidemic, we’ve been overwhelmed by our community which has been amazing at creatively adapting to this ever-changing time. From in-house photography to live-streamed classes, you have shown us that social distancing can’t stop us from coming together. So, with this shout out to all of you, we would like to offer everybody a chance to win a cash prize and a yearly subscription with the Commercial Plan.

We want to challenge your creative minds to come up with out-of-the-box content. Winners will be selected and announced, so make sure you are following us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop. (@epidemicsound)