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Support Your Favorite Artists By Sharing Your Favorite Tracks

Support Your Favorite Artists By Sharing Your Favorite Tracks

For music artists of today, sharing often holds greater weight than physical sales and social media support is essential to their exposure and audience growth. Sharing is currency and credit is absolutely key.

This means that you as an online creator can play an important role in supporting your favorite musicians. If you wish to share a track you like with your audience - for example in your video descriptions, in-stream chats and more - here’s how to do it with Epidemic.

We’ve just introduced a new function in the Epidemic player, which allows you to share your favorite tracks by copying track links to your clipboard - in this way you’re good to go with sharing the music on the WWW. Each track in the player has a specific URL leading to that individual track’s web page. This makes it easier for you to help share and support the great artists and tracks you really love with your followers and audiences.

Supporting artists is the core of what we do at Epidemic, and we’ve noticed that many of our users share this desire with us. Of course, we want to encourage all our users to do that even more. Therefore it was a natural step to add this functionality to our product, making sharing even easier.

How do you do it? Step one is to find the track you wish to share while browsing in the player. Then click on the share button to the right-hand side of the track. The track URL is automatically copied onto your clipboard and you’re ready to start sharing. Easy as that!

In terms of streaming revenues, when a track is played on streaming platforms such as Apple, Deezer and Spotify, we want to go hand-in-hand with our artists, so we share 50/50. Right down the middle, half each, so exposure of Epidemic means equal exposure for the artists who have created the tracks.

Interact with your followers who are interested in music and what music you use as a creator. Credit where credit is due and simple, seamless sharing.

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Support Your Favorite Artists By Sharing Your Favorite Tracks
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