The Sound of Gamers: Music trends in gaming content

The role of music in gaming content on YouTube is critical – learn which trends and genres are making waves with content creators in this report.

The Sound of Gamers

At Epidemic Sound, we're committed to helping gaming content creators find the perfect soundtrack for their videos.

Recognizing the licensing hurdles and risk of takedowns associated with keeping original game soundtracks in YouTube videos, creators choose restriction-free music to bring their videos to life.

But what kind of Epidemic Sound music resonates with these creators and the gaming audience? Which specific songs and music genres are they selecting to enhance their videos centered around their favorite games? By exploring YouTube metadata combined with our catalog of restriction-free tracks, we dive deep into the music preferences shaping the soundscapes of YouTube's gaming content.

The process of soundtracking is a thorough one. After realizing the need to find music, creators explore various genres to find the perfect track to complement their video game content.

Hundreds of thousands of new gaming videos using Epidemic Sound tracks are uploaded to YouTube every month, and creators aren't just selecting random tracks. Rather, they carefully curate music that resonates with their content and audiences.

According to our research, the choice of music in gaming content creation is largely influenced by the intensity and nature of the game itself. For example, for high-intensity games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, creators often opt for high-energy music genres such as Trap, while games with a strong narrative arc like Resident Evil 4 and Elden Ring are complemented with Action music. This careful selection showcases music’s integral role in enhancing the gaming experience and elevating content quality.

The Sound of Gamers
The Sound of Gamers
The Sound of Gamers

Emerging genres in gaming content

While specific songs can be used to complement content around individual gaming titles, it's equally important to explore the broader landscape of musical trends among gaming content creators.

The Sound of Gamers

One significant trend has emerged among YouTubers in the gaming industry: their musical preferences are evolving, with a distinct gravitation toward the dynamic and futuristic K-pop genre, which has seen a staggering growth of 266% in the last 12 months. What's behind this marked growth in the use of K-pop in gaming content? It seems the answer lies, at least in part, in the personal music tastes of content creators.

Driven by their love for K-pop, content creators are choosing to incorporate it within their gaming videos, creating a unique and compelling atmosphere that resonates with their audiences. Recognizing this shift, Epidemic Sound’s been proactive in meeting content creators’ needs. In the past year alone, we've increased the number of K-pop tracks in our catalog by over 180%, including tracks from Adelyn Paik, who ranks as our most popular K-pop artist for gaming content.

The Sound of Gamers

While the tracks used by gaming content creators can vary greatly by game, several songs have established themselves as go-to favorites for everyone. These tracks illustrate the wide-ranging spectrum of music that's found a home within the gaming community on YouTube.

Taking the top spot is Arthur Benson's irresistibly charming 'A Spotless Mind,' often used by creators to accompany contemplative scenes. This song has become a gaming soundtrack staple, landing in thousands of videos and earning Benson's compositions two spots in the top three-most used tracks by creators.

Meanwhile, 'Break Fast' by Jules Gaia has secured its position as the second-most popular track among gaming YouTubers. With its catchy beats and uplifting energy, it's become a favorite with gamers and viewers alike. Rounding out the top five is another Jules Gaia track, 'Glitz at the Ritz,' followed by Lucas Pittman's 'Swagger Stagger.'

The Sound of Gamers

The role of music in gaming content on YouTube is absolutely critical. A well-selected soundtrack can do far more than accompany gameplay footage – it can enhance the narrative, heighten viewer engagement, and deepen the bond between YouTubers and their audience. While the challenge of sourcing appropriate, restriction-free music is a significant one, gaming YouTubers face it head-on – a testament to their passion and dedication.


Epidemic Sound’s Music in Gaming Report 2023 is based on an analysis of metadata and YouTube user-generated content with music from Epidemic Sound’s catalog of 40,000+ tracks. The data analyzed was from YouTube video uploads between August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023. To measure popularity, Epidemic Sound identified the artists, tracks, and genres with the highest quantity of inclusions in YouTube gaming videos during that time frame. The fastest-growing artists and genres were determined from the music with the largest year-over-year percentage increase in YouTube videos from August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023 compared with the same period 12 months prior.