Recent Product Updates

A lot is happening over at product here at Epidemic Sound. Here are some of the updates made recently!

Recent Product Updates

There's a lot happening over at product here at Epidemic Sound. We highly appreciate your feedback and love it when you reach out with thoughts about changes and new features. Here are some of the updates made recently!

New home for our Artist Releases
Every week we distribute new music to streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music etc.) as Singles, EPs or Albums. They’re found on the Artist Pages and under the ‘Albums’ tab on the music starting page (‘Featured’).

What’s new?
Today, under ‘Albums’ we have both creator focused albums (e.g. Cooking) and Artist Releases (e.g. King Sis - Ascension). This can be confusing. So, we have begun separating Artist Releases and our curated albums.

There’s now a dedicated section for Artist Releases on the music starting page (‘Featured’). These releases also have their own pages with links to streaming platforms and they will still be available on each Artist Page.

Why are we doing this?
This is mainly a cleanup, but it’s setting us up for a better way to present curated music and sound effects. We want to focus more on your creator needs by working with Themes like Gaming, Travel, Art & Craft etc.). More on this soon!

More playlist suggestions
At the end of a personal playlist, we provide you with similar tracks to add to the list. We’re happy to hear that this is an appreciated feature, but we’ve gotten requests to increase the amount of tracks, so we have! We've upped the number of recommended tracks following your personal playlists from 3 to 10.

Removal of Cart Icon
To minimize any risk of confusion, make it even easier to understand our pricing model, and to remove clutter from the track listing interface – we have removed the ‘cart icon’ from the track listing for users with an active subscription.

The ‘cart icon’ will still be visible on the track page for everyone, since subscribers may want to obtain an extended license for a certain track and project.

New Track Listing Design
To make the track listing easier to understand, digest and interact with – we have made some design changes. The play buttons are now round in shape, and the text weight of the track title vs. artist, genre, mood, tempo and length has been altered to make it easier on the eye. Lastly, when you mark several tracks at once (hold shift) to add them to a playlist, they’re highlighted in blue to make it clearer to see which ones you’re adding.

Reactivate subscription
If you for some reason have cancelled your subscription and want to reactivate it without having to fill in your user information again, we’ve implemented a reactivation-button on the ‘Subscription’ page, found under ‘Me’ → ‘Account’.

Click the button and your old subscription will be reactivated, as long as your old payment method still is valid. The free trial only applies to first-time subscribers, so you will have to pay for your subscription on day one after having reactivated.