Professional Spotlight: Meet an Editor at Parapix

We met with Victor Hedström, senior editor at Parapix and talked about everything from music, editing and being a father.

Professional Spotlight: Meet an Editor at Parapix

Meet Victor Hedström, senior editor at Parapix, a film production agency that is truly passionate about their vision; trying to disrupt old ideas of what communication is. Professional Spotlight is a series of short videos shining a spotlight on creative professionals working closely with content. Hear the stories behind their career and the approach to video production in their current role.

“I would say editing is kind of like a puzzle, so you start out with the corner pieces and work your way in,” Victor explains, “what I actually love about editing is that I can feel that I’m actually evolving, I think what editing does to me is it kinda removes time and space in a way”.

A senior editor at Parapix, a forward-thinking creative production agency based in Sweden, the work Victor turns his hand to runs from fashion and music video shoots to client work for huge brands from banks to retail, car manufacturers to mobile phone operators.

We meet Victor in Stockholm, where he’s based and lives with his fiancé and daughter –– “being a father, it’s euphoria, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, and I want to be a great role model for her just as my Dad was for me”. As the child of a musician father, Victor looked up to his Dad as a wonderful role model and says it definitely shaped the person he became later in life.

Coming from a music background, he also understands the crucial importance of choosing music to go alongside visuals. He says: “I would say the relationship between music and editing is everything; music can make or break a whole video, it’s like 50% of the entire film”.

As an Epidemic Sound customer, Victor enjoys the variety of music available at his fingertips in the ultimate challenge of finding the right song to fit visual storytelling. A huge library that’s easy to use is essential for any video editor, as he says himself: “the right song for the right video is everything… is HAS to be the right song”.

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