Pass the Beat Challenge – the Making of a Hit

Pass the Beat Challenge – the Making of a Hit

A few months back, you know, when everyone’s lives had just started getting a bit crazy, we launched a challenge for our music creators. Well, today we can proudly say we’ve come a long way towards the exciting outcome. Want to know what the fuss is all about? Read on!

For the past couple of months, we’ve attempted to activate and engage our creator community through various challenges as a part of our Come2gether campaign – and boy, did you blow us away! This challenge, however, is a little bit different. This time, we didn’t provide a track for you to use in your content: we asked our musicians to CREATE one.

You can't whistle a symphony on your own...

‘The more, the merrier,’ that’s how the saying goes, and that was our thinking here too. Not only were the music creators supposed to collaborate on a track, but they were asked to – one by one – pass the beat around. How does that even work? You might think. Well, these were the rules:

  • We chose a music creator who would kick off the challenge by adding ONE element to the track and then challenge the next creator to do the same.
  • Once challenged, that music creator did the same thing and then challenged yet another creator through Instagram to add another layer to the track.
  • Then, they would film their addition to the beat and post it on their Instagram story.
  • Once the beat had been passed around to all creators involved and the track was next to spot on, one music creator would assemble the final mix.

Coming together

Many creators are struggling to make ends meet during this distressful pandemic; we know that. Therefore, we’ve decided to donate Epidemic Sound’s split of this track’s upcoming streaming revenue to a fund supporting creators during the pandemic.

Are you curious to hear how the final beat turned out? Keep your eyes and ears open for the track to drop on our Instagram this summer.

Are you as hyped as us? If not, check out the sneak peek video below and get pumped for the beat to drop!