Check Out Our New Music Discovery Experience!

We’ve updated our music discovery experience so that you can spend less time looking for the right track and more time creating amazing content.

Check Out Our New Music Discovery Experience!

We want to make search, filtering and browsing better - so that you can find what you’re after, faster.

The goal is to give you more control. That’s why we’re introducing ”contextual filtering”. This means that you can narrow down any set of tracks, using the data in the listing itself. Filter music by genre, mood, vocals, duration, and tempo. Filter sound effects by length and free-text tags. It’s a brand new experience that helps you find that perfect track for your project.

While we were at it, we fixed a bunch of other things as well - everything to make the discovery experience better!

So, what’s new for music?

  • Filter songs based on track length
  • Filter songs based on vocal/instrumental
  • Indication of explicit language in tracks
  • Filter songs based on BPM tempo
  • Combine search and filtering
  • See track length in listing
  • Already played and listened to songs will be marked and greyed out
  • Artist pages
  • Genre and mood highlights. See which genres and moods are most popular right now.

And sound effects?

  • Search for sound effects separately from music
  • Filter a sound effect search result based on tags
  • Clearer categorization

Why does this matter?

  • You will be able to find what you’re after faster and with less confusion.
  • Highlighted genres and moods will serve as useful starting points for those looking for a track but don’t know, or are unsure of where to begin their search.
  • Some of you listen to many tracks to find the right one for that unique piece of content. To be able to see what songs they’ve played in a session lets them avoid listening to the same thing twice and makes finding the right track more efficient.
  • Artist pages help you get to know the people behind the music.

How does it work?

  • We have made the catalog more user-centric and friendly by letting users filter on songs based on track length, vocal/instrumental, combining search with filtering, seeing track length in the listing, seeing your download history and enjoy an improved BPM search and sound effect categorization.
  • Artist Pages will be available for every artist and reachable simply by clicking on the artist’s name anywhere in the player.
  • After a song gets played, the track name and artist name get greyed out and stays that way throughout the session (until the tab has been closed down).

Your feedback helps us improve. Keep it coming.

Now - go discover!