New product updates

Here’s what our product teams have been up to lately!

New product updates

The product teams at Epidemic Sound have been busy lately. Let’s find out what’s new!

Sound effects in the app
Our mobile app is available on iOS and Android for all Epidemic Sound account-holders. Thank you for all the positive feedback and feature ideas, keep them coming!

One popular request among app users has been sound effects. Of course, a high-quality sound effects selection is key to good sound design! We have 90,000 of them in our catalog on the web, so we decided to make them available in the app as well.

Find sound effects either on the Discover page, or by going to the middle tab, ‘Browse. Here you can check out different categories of effects or search for the one you’re after. When you’ve found the perfect one, save it to a playlist, download or export it to your video editing app of choice!

Playback features
We’ve added and updated features in the player to give you an improved playback experience. We hope these updates will help you in your search for that perfect tune. Simply press play, turn up the volume and let your soundtrack find you.

Added features:

  • Shuffle
  • Repeat the whole track listing by clicking once on the repeat icon
  • Repeat a single track by clicking twice on the repeat icon
  • Play the previous track with one click
  • Click the track’s title in the player bar and get to the trackpage
  • Click on the artist’s name in the player bar to get to the artist page

Updated features:

  • Volume control is changed from linear to logarithmic. This means there’ll be a bigger difference between highs and lows, and that you can be more specific when deciding the volume. In other words, it’ll be easier to find your sweet spot volume.
Discover section

Liked sounds
In the right section of the track listing, we have implemented a heart icon. Click it and the track will be saved to your pre-created ‘Liked sounds’ playlist. You can find your Liked sounds playlist under Saved together with your other playlists.

To de-clutter the track listing, we're hiding some track actions until you hover over the track row, which then gives you access to all actions.

New navigation
That’s not all, we’ve also updated and optimized our navigation!

The music start page, Discover, is still the same, with your personal recommendations, featured themes, and new releases. To access all themes, genres, moods, and sound effects, go to Browse in top centered navigation. For playlists and downloads, click Saved. You’ll find your account information and the community program overview with your referral link in the top right menu.