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Music Matters With ToThe9S

Music Matters With ToThe9S

Music Matters to ToThe9s – Cassie and Ricci, Vancouver locals who create fashion, lifestyle and beauty content.

In this episode, we explore the world of these two powerful creative women to understand how music impacts their creative process! “Music Matters because music sets the vibe.”

Cassie’s musical influence begins at home. Her father is a turntable maker, and as such, her exposure to vinyl records helped her explore a variety of music genres as she grew up. From Jazz to Pop to Soul and Funk, she spent hours listening to music just to chill out and catch vibes. Ricci also has a tale of her family influencing her musical awareness – but from her brother. Instead of listening, he was actively involved in the creation of music and she recalls acting as the mic stand for her brother. This gave her a unique exposure to the creative side and even managed to pick up a few bars of her own.

To get their creative engines running, one of the first things Cassie and Ricci do when they step into the studio is turn on a playlist or even a specific song. This ignites their creativity and allows them to get into the mindset to freely create without feeling any kind of burden. It flows – much like music. Without it, they often feel a bit out of sorts on how to ‘start’.

When it comes to their videos, they usually wait till after they’ve filmed to find the perfect track. Without planning their footage ahead of time, they rely on the vibe of what they shoot to dictate the kind of track that will match. Fortunately, Epidemic Sound makes that much easier for them. By using the search feature based on the mood they’re in, they can find tracks that instantly match what they want the audience to feel. Or, in some cases, they take advantage of our curated playlists to find tracks that fit the vibe of their videos. In either case, music helps them to elicit emotion from the audience – helping you form ideas or concepts while watching.

You can follow ToThe9s on YouTube and Instagram. This episode of Music Matters was filmed and edited by Ben Hess.

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