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Music Matters With Shameless Maya

Music Matters With Shameless Maya

Music Matters to Shameless Maya – a Los Angeles creator who focuses on telling stories about life and her inspiration. Her videos often include things ranging from beauty, fashion, and tech!

In this episode, we explore the world of content creation with Maya and learn how music impacts her productions. “Music Matters because it’s storytelling.”

Music is everything to Maya. As a storyteller, she enjoys exploring different mediums to create her content. Clothing, makeup, sound and naturally, music all come together when she creates – music being a universal language that you ‘feel in your core’. In fact, one of her earliest memories is going to her cousin’s house and listening to Phil Collins on a record player. To this day, she still feels the good vibes whenever she hears a Phil Collins song.

When it comes to her creative process, music is the core of her inspiration. If she’s trying to come up with an idea for a video but coming up short, music helps reignite her creativity and gets the ideas flowing. Then, when it comes to editing her videos, music again plays an important role – finding the right track. That track plays a key role in her storytelling abilities.

As for Epidemic Sound, it’s a love affair for her. While she used to spend ages seeking out artist on other sites without success, Epidemic Sound has streamlined that process for her. She is now able to connect with music creators while knowing she can use the music in her videos without fear. A game changer for her as a video creator.

Lastly, Maya has some wise words for any would-be creator. Don't let the 'lack' of something stop you from creating. Take what you have and use that. Whether that's a camera, or a computer or whatever - simply take what you have and make it work!

You can follow Shameless Maya on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This episode of Music Matters was filmed and edited by Ben Hess.

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