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Music Matters With Rob Strok

Music Matters With Rob Strok

Music Matters to Rob Strok – a photographer and videographer based out of Seattle, who focuses on creating content about travel and storytelling.

In this episode, we dive into the impact that music has on his creative process, and why it’s a core element of his (and any production.) “Music Matters to me because it sets the mood for the story I’m trying to tell.”

The importance that music has on Rob began when he was much younger – the home he grew up in was filled with various genres of music. Not only that, but his parents and uncles played in the military symphony. This influence inspires him to this day when it comes to his content where he confidently says that “music sets the mood for every one of my videos.”

With travel comes exposure to different cultures, and that also impacts the films he produces. Local sights and sounds will have an effect on what the end story may be. There are also cultural problems such as animal cruelty, social issues or the adverse effects of plastic. Those stories, combined with the right piece of music are very important in setting the mood. Other times, the content is upbeat to encourage people to escape their backyard and experience the world.

Finding the perfect song is a bigger challenge. In some cases, he may have a track picked out ahead of time that he knows will match the content well. Other times, it takes time and effort – and that’s a major part of what sets his content apart from others. While most people would give up their search for the ‘perfect’ track for their production, Rob doesn't quit until he finds it. Once he finds that ideal song and things come together – it’s magic.

In addition to the music, Rob also makes use of Epidemic Sound’s sound effects library. The effects bring you into the scene to experience both the sights AND sounds of the environment they were shot in. Layered with a music track, and it completes the content puzzle to create something amazing.

You can follow Rob Strok on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. This episode of Music Matters was filmed and edited by Ben Hess.

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