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Music Matters With Matti Haapoja

Music Matters With Matti Haapoja

Music Matters to Matti Haapoja – a Finnish born YouTuber and Filmmaker. His videos are a mix of travel and storytelling, that come together in tremendous fashion.

One thing you will notice about Matti’s work is how everything works together so well. In this episode, we’ll learn about how Matti plans his videos as it relates to music! “Music is something that prompts me to create – it’s an extension of my video.”

Music has been a part of his life for a long time, but his strongest memories are tied to a CD player he had as a kid. He didn’t have any of his own CDs, but after going through his parent's collection – walked away with an ABBA album. From there, his love for music only grew. He started adding his own music, his own favorite bands and made his music selections his own.

Many video creators create content that tells their story – and Matti is no exception. His videos are all about building out the feelings he’s having while shooting them OR about stories he wants to tell. In some cases, he’ll hear a song that inspires him. He’ll take that song and imagine different filming ideas and shots – and then capture them. Or, alternatively, it will be the exact opposite experience. He’ll have shot something, and then the hunt for the perfect song to match the feeling he wants to achieve (and felt himself when he shot it). It may take some time, but once he finds that song – it’s the perfect extension of his videos.

Epidemic Sound has been a bit of a godsend for Matti. When he started creating videos, he was consistently pumping out a TON of content. That rapid shoot, edit and posting schedule meant that Matti had to find a lot of music that he could safely use. As a result, he found Epidemic Sound and suddenly all his music worries were put to rest. Everything he has ever imagined music – vibes, sounds, styles… he’s been able to find it all through the service. As a result, his videos are far better at conveying the emotions he wants the audience to experience.

You can follow Matti Haapoja on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. This episode of Music Matters was filmed and edited by Andreas Hem.

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Music Matters With Matti Haapoja
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