The year 2020 started off like any other year: going to work, making travel plans for the summer, buying toilet paper at a normal pace, and pub crawling with friends. However, not long ago, the year took a quick turn and, just like that, everyday life has drastically changed for all of us.

With the entire world getting dramatically sucked into the virtual realm, the future we’ve only imagined through movies and science fiction has suddenly become our reality. It is safe to say we are entering a new era of human history.

With half the world being stuck in quarantine, the need for fun and engaging content has never been bigger. Wouldn’t it be epic to make a movie about these strange times?

Epidemic Presents: ‘Work From Home’ The Movie - Trailer Challenge

Join us on our adventure through galaxies and beyond; make the dopest trailer for a movie about YOUR experience working from home! Are you up for the challenge?

Submit your trailer by Sunday, March 29, for your chance to win 500 USD and a yearly subscription with the Commercial Plan.

Here’s how it goes:

  • You have from today until this Sunday, March 29, to submit your video through Typeform (link below). We understand that our community is very global - so here’s the rule of thumb: whenever the clock strikes midnight in your respective time zones, times up!
  • Three winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 1, through our social media. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop! (@epidemicsound)

Here are the rules:

  • Your video must be under 1 minute
  • Film at home! #stayathome #socialdistancing
  • Aspect ratio must be 4 x 5
  • You must be the sole rights owner of the video content
  • You must use Epidemic music and SFX!*
  • Submit via Typeform (link below)
  • The winners will be chosen by a team at Epidemic based on originality and creativity
  • And most importantly: Don’t forget to double-check if your link grants us access! If we cannot access your file, we might not be able to consider your work in the evaluation process.

*Plan on only sharing your submission with us through Typeform and not with the rest of the world? No need to be signed up to an Epidemic subscription! Just set up a log-in account and you’re good to go!

Submit your video below for your chance to win. Planning to share your video with the world? Let us know as well! Use the hashtag #Come2gether and don’t forget to tag us! @epidemicsound

Are you experiencing troubles filling in the Typeform? Click here to submit your video!

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About #Come2gether Challenges

With half the world being stuck in quarantine, the need for fun, engaging and educating content has never been bigger. And here at Epidemic, we’ve been overwhelmed by our community which has been amazing at creatively adapting to this ever-changing time. From in-house photography to live-streamed classes, you have shown us that social distancing can’t stop us from coming together. So, with this shout out to all of you, we would like to offer everybody a chance to win 500 USD and a yearly subscription with the Commercial Plan!

Starting TODAY (March 25, 2020, Wednesday), we want to challenge your creative minds to come up with out-of-the-box content straight from your living rooms. Winners will be selected and announced through email and our social media, so make sure you are following us on Twitter and Instagram! (@epidemicsound)