Introducing: Soundmatch

Get a custom soundtrack for your video in seconds.

Introducing: Soundmatch

Have an idea for a video, rough cut, or final edit, but not sure about the soundtrack? Soundmatch lets you go from that idea to discovering the perfect soundtrack for your project, all in a matter of seconds.

Say goodbye to browsing for the perfect soundtrack. Play your video and get matching music recommendations in no time — embrace the power of AI with Soundmatch.

Soundtracking like a pro has never been easier

When you're logged in and on the music tab, click the Soundmatch icon in the far right corner of the search bar. Or, when playing a track in the Epidemic Sound Player, hit the ‘Sync to video’ button in the far right corner of the Player bar. Choose the video you want to play, place the marker in the part of the video you want to soundtrack, then hit 'Soundmatch.' You'll immediately receive a set of matching recommendations. 

Soundmatch identifies what the shot in the video contains and generates relevant keywords for a semantic search. Next, it uses data insight into how these keywords are typically used at scale, powered by over 2.5 billion daily views of YouTube videos containing Epidemic Sound music.

Then, Soundmatch can easily and accurately provide you with a list of recommended tracks perfectly suited to each visual scene. Pretty smooth, right? And we’re just getting started.