Introducing: Discover for You

A dynamic in-app discovery experience with personalized soundtrack recommendations from Epidemic Sound.

Introducing: Discover for You

Welcome to your personalized in-app discovery experience. Just open the Epidemic Sound app and let us know your music preferences, the type of content you produce and where you publish it. You’ll get recommendations with the perfect soundtracks for your content, based on your personal preferences.

We believe in the power of personalization – our goal is to give you an experience that feels alive and inspiring by understanding your creative needs. Discover for You adds a personal touch to your Epidemic Sound usage, tailoring recommendations to your preferences and helping you find that perfect track for your next video.

So, say goodbye to hours of browsing in search of a soundtrack to match your content. Simply open the Epidemic Sound app, answer the three multiple-choice questions, and Discover for You will generate a personalized Discover view, leading you to the music that suits your content to the letter. It’s accurate, it’s detailed, and it’s quicker than making a coffee.

As per usual, we’ll be looking to update and improve the experience as we get your feedback over time. Enjoy!