How to find the perfect travel music to soundtrack your content

Here are some tips to find the best travel music. Discover where to find the best travel video songs, how much they cost, and how to access them.

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If you’re vlogging, shooting for clients or working on a big-budget production, music is one of the most important parts of travel video content. Using a certain track can help draw out or amplify a particular emotion – just like any other film media, a soundtrack can make or break travel videos.

You probably wouldn’t walk up Mount Everest with uptempo polka playing, nor would you rush through a beautiful botanical garden while blasting some Finnish doom metal. You need to nail that emotion and express it through a perfectly placed travel video song!

Here are some quick tips for finding the best travel music for your content.

Follow the below steps to find the perfect songs for travel videos

  1. Open the Epidemic Sound Player – if you’re not signed up, you can grab a free trial here.
  2. Think about what tone your travel music should have. Travel runs through a whole range of emotions, so try searching for a specific mood to match that – you can pick anything from epic to peaceful, restless to sentimental.
  3. Consider the kind of genres that would make the best travel music for your content. As much as we enjoy a bit of Simpsonwave every now and then, it might not fit your death-defying rainforest adventure. Try looking for genres like American roots rock, Afrobeats, ambient or folk.
  4. If you’re struggling for ideas, why not dig into our specialized travel music page?

Want to give it a try? Check out our catalog of 40,000 top-quality tracks, cleared for you to download and use with an active Epidemic Sound subscription – all you’ve got to do is sign up, pick a plan, and add the channel you’re using to publish content. Easy!

Looking for a shortcut?

If you just want to pick and choose the best travel music from a playlist, we’ve got you covered. Our music experts at Epidemic Sound have compiled themed playlists for:

These playlists include everything from 1990s pop and soft house to future bass and post-rock. Check out the playlists above, then read on for the best travel music for your content, chosen personally by our music curation team.

And just to give you a taste of what great travel music can do for your content, check out this video by Osse Greca Sinare. He takes a three-day motorbike tour through the breathtaking Tanzanian countryside, soundtracked with travel music from our catalog.

The top travel music for your content

They Dream By Day - 1993

They Dream By Day is a solo project driven by Patrik Berg Almkvisth. He deals in lo-fi, ambient soundscapes, and '1993' is no different. It’s a blissful, three-minute exercise in restraint, layers of acoustic guitar softly building alongside a warm bassline. And that glockenspiel? The Beach Boys would be proud.

'1993' is a gorgeous instrumental track – perfect travel music for soundtracking endless highways and unreal scenery in your road trip footage.

They Dream By Day - 1993

Adelyn Paik - Sunny Days

If your travel video song needs to soundtrack a sunny day… well, 'Sunny Days' seems like a safe bet. Adelyn Paik’s soulful lullabies are always a joy to hear, mixing her native Korean lyrics with English on top of a blissed-out, dreamy pop backbone.

Finger-clicking? Yup. Irresistible vocal hooks? Gotcha. Synth that sounds so friendly it might give you a hug? 'Sunny Days' has that, too. Our Global Sounds playlist is stacked with perfect songs for travel videos, spanning continents far and wide. Adelyn’s just one example of how awesome our catalog is. 

Adelyn Paik - Sunny Days

Palace on Wheels - Varanasi Sunrise

Taking their name from a luxury tourist train in Rajasthan, India, Palace on Wheels display all the majesty and epicness you might expect on 'Varanasi Sunrise.' Comprising two sitars and a tabla, the band tease out incredible hooks and transfixing, primal beats like it’s no big deal.

Palace on Wheels - Varanasi Sunrise

Need cinematic travel music that’ll improve everything from iPhone footage to pro-shot drone scenes? Palace on Wheels have you covered.

If you want access to all that travel music, plus more than 40,000 other tracks and 90,000 sound effects, why not sign up for a free trial with Epidemic Sound?

Are you a video editor or filmmaker? Whether you’re an absolute master or just a beginner, discover what Epidemic Sound has to offer on our Epidemic Sound for Filmmaking page. Oh, and if you’re looking for some background music for your videos, we got you covered.

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