How Flipsnack Uses Epidemic Sound To Create Impactful Videos

Music levels up your brand. Learn how Flipsnack uses Epidemic Sound to create impactful videos!

How Flipsnack Uses Epidemic Sound To Create Impactful Videos

For Flipsnack, the online magazine maker, having a recognizable voice that fully represents the brand on every communication channel is a must.

And so, when they started to invest more time and effort into video content, they quickly realized that music sets the tone of the production.

It was around this time that Razvan Micorici joined Flipsnack’s creative team as art director. And so the hunt began for the best royalty-free music and audio library. It needed to have soundtracks for a variety of video ideas they wanted to produce. The one provider that fit their requirements was Epidemic Sound. Since signing up, Flipsnack has used Epidemic Sound for more than 30 projects.

Let’s find out more about how the right music can level up your brand communication in today’s digital space. Here’s what Flipsnack did.

Creating explainer videos to tell better stories

An explainer video needs to explain the complexity of a product in less than 2 minutes. And since video is central in Flipsnack’s marketing mix, it is dire that the soundtrack is carefully selected so that it has the power to send the right message across multiple platforms and connect with the audience. During the creative process, Epidemic Sound played a major role.

Art director Razvan Micorici describes the video-making process. “It started with a concept and a script. Once the script got the approval, the next stage was to record it. When this part was done, the design needed to be adapted to represent the brand. Everything had to match the voice-over. But the cherry on top was the sound design. After searching for that perfect song in the vast audio library, we chose to go with Cheap Flights from Dylan Sitts.”

When asked about the song choice for this video, Razvan said: “This song simply matched the friendly accent of the overall video, the tone of voice and the joyful animations that explain all the complex features that Flipsnack has in store. The find similar and stems options available on Epidemic Sound really made our life easier.”  

Video to announce exciting new features

For one of the most important features ready to be launched in 2020, Flipsnack started the teasing campaign with a 45-second video.

The video opens with screenshots of users requesting the feature, making the viewer curious to find out more about what’s to come. Razvan says that using Epidemic Sound made choosing the music an easy and quick process. “We took advantage of the vast library containing more than 40,000 songs and 90,000 sound effects. It’s reassuring to know we have such freedom of choice for our projects. For this particular video, the main emphasis was to tease customers and let them know we’re up to something great. The best soundtrack for this message was Run from the police by Damma Beatz.”

You can make your brand voice stand out with the right music choice. For Flipsnack, having a clear video content strategy helped them connect with their audience across multiple platforms. Whether we talk about social media videos, complex explainer videos or tutorials, Epidemic Sound has really helped Flipsnack establish a more powerful brand voice.