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Get to Know Daniel Kadawatha

Get to Know Daniel Kadawatha

Daniel Kadawatha is one of Epidemic Sound’s most successful artists. His recent single Black Lies is one of the catchiest tunes you’ll ever hear!

Assuredly, this is another massive leap in Daniel’s musical career. But what about the man behind the music? We sat down to get to know Daniel better and hear a little bit of his story!

Born in Sri Lanka, and adopted by a Swedish family at 6-months old, he has always known Sweden as home. Growing up in a town of just 10,000 people, music had never been a major part of the social life he had with his family or the community. But when he received his first musical instrument (a guitar) at age 6, he instantly felt a connection with music. He considers himself to be a creative rather than strictly a musician. Music ended up becoming his creative outlet but admits that had it not been music it would have been something else he’d tell stories through.

Daniel is a multi-talented musician, acting as both singer and songwriter, as well as the producer. He can wear many hats to understand different genres and how they play with sound. Pop has a different flow than rock or rap or any other genre. Being able to sense and understand the differences isn’t something that comes so naturally to most. Currently, he’s exploring a kind of pop genre unlike anything he’s ever explored before - and the results have been great.

As for his creative process, he tries not to think too much about it. Outside of the studio, he finds himself inspired by stories and scenarios. He sees something he may want to create the soundtrack to, takes some mental notes about how he’s feeling and then carries on with his day. Once in his studio, he doesn’t overthink it too much. Instead, he tries to recreate the feelings he had from stories and scenarios and play music along to them. It inevitably leads to a path of creativity that results in songs like Black Lies. This is certainly not the last time we will be hearing from Daniel Kadawatha.

You can check out Black Lies and Lost in America here. You can also follow Daniel Kadawatha on Twitter, Instagram, and his YouTube channel.

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Get to Know Daniel Kadawatha
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