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From Idea to Short Film in LESS Than a Day with AndyAx

From Idea to Short Film in LESS Than a Day with AndyAx

Join the AndyAx crew in this episode of Behind the Creator’s Lens, produced by Samuel Taipale. If they have an idea in the morning, they'll have a short film ready the same day – so let’s see what a day in the life is like.

First, an office tour of the small studio and production space in Oslo, Norway, where Anders Øvergaard and his team produce Youtube content and other projects for clients.

After seeing the space, including the thrifty ways they’ve created a studio from hardly anything, we join them as they make their way to one of Oslo’s most famous places, Barcode, to shoot some a film in one day – from idea to publication. “Four angles, one camera, one boom operator. That’s it,” Anders explains as the shots are set up, following a couple who are regular actors in the AndyAx crew. “45 minutes, for an entire film,” Anders exclaims – not bad, right?
k-up and gets to work editing. You tend to get much greater gradient shooting in V-LOG, which is exactly what Anders does and talks us through – “since we are filming in V-LOG we get more details in the shadows and highlights, it will look really great and washed out but you can have more to play within the colour gradient.” When choosing music, Anders adds: “It helps so much to go into Epidemic Sound and quickly browse or find the type of music genre you need in your video and just put it in instantly and you can see if this is something that fits your video”.

Before all things AndyAx and as a superstar YouTuber, Samuel asks how Anders got his start. “I just borrowed my father’s camera and started shooting,” Anders explains, “like vacation videos, and I realised that this is actually quite fun because you can change the reality, you can make your own world”. Tips for beginners? Anders advises “we are all different, so we learn in different ways. For everyone of us it’s learning by doing, just make up videos, if you feel that you don’t make any good videos, just keep doing it, because you learn always… you can see something you can improve on for next time. Don’t be afraid of getting criticism and just shoot a lot.”

What about how Anders explains how to find stories? “I feel that what separates videos is the stories and the ideas that you have, especially the ones that suddenly pop up and those are the stories that you really want to tell,” he finishes.

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