How to find the perfect springtime music to soundtrack your content

Find the perfect springtime music with Epidemic Sound.

Finding springtime music

The sun’s shining, the snow’s melting, and Springtime is starting to emerge from the cold. Here are some tips to soundtrack your bright, colorful content.

Follow the below steps to find the perfect Springtime music

  1. Open the Epidemic Sound Player, then think about what kind of tone your Springtime music should have. The content you’re making is most likely chipper and cheerful, so try searching for specific moods like hopeful, happy, and restless.
  2. Think of the kind of genres that make for the best 'Spring-y' music. As much as we enjoy a bit of Swedish death metal every now and then, it’s probably not what you’re after. Try looking for R&B and soul, acoustic group, or electronica & dance. It’s all about those good vibes!

Want to give it a try? Check out our catalog of 40,000 top-quality tracks, cleared for you to use with an active Epidemic Sound subscription.

Looking for a shortcut?

If you just want to pick and choose the best Springtime music from a playlist, we’ve got you covered. Our music experts have compiled a Hopeful Spring playlist, including everything from dreamy, laid back alternative hip hop to sunny holiday acoustic tracks, to funky, uplifting jazz and a few in between! Check out the playlist below.

→ Hopeful Spring

In addition to the changing of the seasons, we’re celebrating and spotlighting two holidays that are celebrated during this time. Our Music Curation team have worked hard on two playlists for Easter and Ramadan – check them out below!


Ramadan is a holy holiday observed by Muslims worldwide. This year, it runs between March 22 and April 20, followed immediately by Eid: the Festival of Sweets! To find even more tracks for your Ramadan content, try searching for tags like ‘Ramadan’, ‘Middle East’, and ‘India’. Find the perfect track below.

→ From Ramadan to Eid


Easter Sunday is celebrated on April 9 this year! If you want to find more tracks for your Easter-related content, try searching for the Springtime keywords we mentioned earlier. You can also search for genres like ‘spiritual music’ and ‘modern hymns’. Dig into more Easter tracks below.

→ Easter

If you want access to all that Springtime music, plus more than 40,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects, why not try Epidemic Sound?

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