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Fall In Love With Life With Sorelle Amore

Fall In Love With Life With Sorelle Amore

A digital nomad and creator - not ‘female creator’ - Sorelle Amore travels the world taking her audience with her and finding the beautiful in the everyday whilst encouraging every person to fall in love with life.

Sorelle Amore is a human obsessed with capturing memories, saying “I’m real behind the camera and I share real messages”. In a world saturated with beautiful imagery and films at every turn, there can be real saturation in the content creation space. But what punctuates Sorelle’s work is elements of both art and authenticity, making her stand out as a content creator.

A digital nomad and full-time traveller, when she initially began to eke out her own corner of the digital world, Sorelle wanted to be recognised as a “female” creator, but quickly realised male creators don’t necessarily typecast themselves by their gender. So, instead, Sorelle aimed to fall into the general category of “creator” and allow her work to speak for itself and stand out on its own.

“This is really important to me, it’s an important distinction and breaks down stereotypes we have been told we should fit into” Sorelle explains, but she does hope that more female content creators emerge in the space.

Stuck behind a screen posting beautiful real world, real-life content digitally can often result in feeling really isolated and lonely without proper human connection, something Sorelle is passionate about and which is a super important aspect of her work. Sorelle’s aim is simple: she wants to encourage everyone to fall in love with life. “To me, the scariest thing is for someone to go through life and not love the experience because we’re so lucky to be alive,” she explains.

Her work often helps people come closer together and to fall in love with life and the other people around them.

The beauty in architecture, the beauty in nature and demonstrating human connection are essentials in allowing Sorelle excel in her work. Never one to stick to conventional norms, the lesser road travelled and the less obvious beauty is often showcased in her fims. Beauty can be found in the most unlikeliest of places, and is really about opening our eyes to the world around us, even if people don’t think that something or somewhere is traditionally beautiful or inspiring – “I like to prove people wrong,” Sorelle laughs.

Showcasing real life, real connections and pure love, Sorelle explains “music adds life to film, I get really inspired by it and it adds this extra layer”. Often found in maybe the less obvious sections in the Epidemic Sound library like R&B, Funk and Reggae, she puts it simply: “having the right soundtrack makes or breaks your film”. Find the music to live, and love, by.

You can follow Sorelle Amore on YouTube and Instagram. This episode was edited by Dan Mace.

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Fall In Love With Life With Sorelle Amore
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