Epidemic Sound is offering free music licenses to healthcare and non-profit organizations tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

The free music licenses will enable healthcare and non-profit organizations to access and use Epidemic Sound’s library of music for a period of three months. The music can be used in videos supporting fundraising and relief efforts, not-for-profit educational content and public service announcements.

Oscar Höglund, co-founder and CEO of Epidemic, says:

“We haven’t always known how best to support those tackling the COVID-19 crisis, but several local hospitals have reached out to us recently and we’ve been humbled by their guidance. To the organizations helping others through this crisis, providing education, support and relief, we’re committed to making our music freely available to you in the hope that it can act as a force for good in these trying times; if it could be useful for you, reach out to us at hello@epidemicsound.com and let us know how we can help.”

Epidemic Sound are encouraging all healthcare and non-profit organisations in need of music to reach out to hello@epidemicsound.com to find out more and get set up.