Epidemic Sound Launches New Creator-Led Identity

Today we launch a new visual identity for Epidemic Sound. Here we want to tell you why and how this came about, with help from the people who made it happen.

Epidemic Sound Launches New Creator-Led Identity

Today, we launch a new identity at Epidemic Sound, one that better reflects our community of creators and its ability to soundtrack the world.  

Not only do we have a refined purpose of always fueling the success of our creator community but we also have a bold new look. Our logo is new, our website and player have been revamped, and we even got our own font, which is called Epidemic!

And ultimately, one of the most important updates is improving our user experience for you. So you can better access and find our music to bring your stories to life. This revised experience also paves the way for amazing new features to come. Watch this space!  

Our rollout is gradual to make sure you all have a smooth experience. If you can’t see it today - on the go live date - then don’t worry - it will be with you soon. Our goal is to get a new version to all of our customers by June 12. And by the way, playing favorites is not our thing, so the order of the rollout will be entirely randomized.
But before you take a look around our website, we wanted to share with you why and how this came about, with help from the people who made it happen.

Our unique cultural intersection
Linus Wahlstedt, Creative Director of the visual identity, comments: “We have the luxury of working with two creative industries, music and storytelling, which brings together people from diverse backgrounds with differing interests, and often representing different disciplines.”

Oscar Hoglund, co founder and CEO, comments: “Beautiful things happen when creators come together. We see boundless creative expressions, new angles and concepts emerge and many fresh perspectives on just creativity but also life. This intersection of culture in the community is at the core of what makes Epidemic Sound unique and makes us stand out from the crowd.”

Our creator-led approach
Tanja Smedh, Project Lead & Graphic Designer of the project, adds: “Epidemic Sound has grown to become a global company. We have an opportunity to use our music, and technology to support creators everywhere.

“Working closely with London based agency Multiple, we refined our purpose to always make sure we are fueling the creative and commercial success of our community of creators.

“This is a strong statement and demands a lot of how we look and feel. The majority of the people in our community work individually. Together, they represent millions of different styles. We love that, which is why we developed a concept that always celebrates our community’s diversity and creativity.”

Our design principles
Linus Wahlstedt continues: “When shaping the new identity, we thought a lot about logotypes, fonts, colors and angles, but also about a creative strategy that can be used by everyone at Epidemic Sound, not only designers.

“Working closely with design agency Kurppa Hosk, we developed a design strategy centered around three pillars. Bold, because soundtracking the world is a bold move. Universal, because soundtracking the world involves all the worlds’ different creative expressions. And simple, because we have taken something very complex, the rights to use music and sounds, and made it just that, simple.

We then added our dynamic element that will enable us to always put the creators at the forefront. We want to give the people behind the creative work the place they deserve; right at the centre of the stage. This is the very reason our backdrop is minimal and monochrome. We just provide the frame, the creator is the motif that makes it come alive.

We believe that our new identity reflects what we’re about and that when aspiring creators, regardless of where they are, see our logo or hear our music - on YouTube, Twitch, in their headphones or local café - they feel what it’s like to play a part in soundtracking the world.

This lays the foundation of so much more. We hope you are as excited as us about this and follow the developments to come. And if you are new to Epidemic, welcome! Let's soundtrack the world.