Here is your chance to express yourself and win an iPhone 11 Pro Max, AirPods Pro or a yearly Epidemic subscription. Do you accept the challenge?

What's the deal?

Work your creative magic and make a video with Cospe’s track ‘Love Is Strong’. No rules – all you have to do is WOW us. Want to hear the best part? There isn’t just one spot on the podium – there are three.

Curious about the prizes?

The first prize winner scores an iPhone 11 Pro Max (256 GB), worth $1,249, and a yearly subscription with the Personal Plan.

The second prize is a pair of AirPods Pro, worth $249, and a yearly subscription with the Personal Plan. The third prize is a yearly subscription with the Personal Plan.

Here is how it goes:

  • If you haven’t got a subscription already, sign up for a free Epidemic Sound trial to take part in the challenge!
  • Use the selected track: ‘Love Is Strong’ by Cospe
  • Create a 15-45 second vertical or horizontal video
  • You have 9 days, until the 20th of February, to complete the challenge
  • Submit your video through the type form below (no need to publish on socials)
  • The winners will be chosen by a team of content experts based on originality and creative use of the track.
  • The winning entries will be announced on the 25th of February by email, on our blog AND reposted on our Instagram

As the challenge is a NO rules kind of one, there are no limits on what type of video you submit. It could be anything from 15 seconds of breakfast b-roll or 30 seconds of travel memories to a 45-second mini-documentary. Whatever floats your boat!

We think you have what it takes. Submit your video below before the 20th of February for your chance to win. Want the world to see your video too? Use the #EpidemicNoRulesChallenge

Remember, you have to have a subscription to be part of the challenge. Haven’t got one? Sign up for a free trial here.

Are you experiencing troubles filling in the typeform? Click this link to submit your video:"

Good luck, storytellers!

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