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Epidemic Does: Vidcon 2018 by Henbu

Epidemic Does: Vidcon 2018 by Henbu

Epidemic Does is a series of videos we're creating in collaboration with YouTubers. As the premier music destination for video creators, we wanted to connect with creators at the world's most epic community events!

This series will see us tag along with creators from around the world and give you a look at both creator and the event itself. To kick us off, we hit up none other than VidCon with Henbu. Henbu is a travel filmmaker with just shy of 100K subscribers. His short films will inspire and encourage you to hit up any destination he's been!

After meeting the Epidemic Sound team, Henbu gives us the rundown on his brief experience thus far. He’s clearly motivated and inspired by being around so many creators. We then cut to shots of Vidcon itself in beautifully crisp slow-mo, played to an Epidemic Sound track! It gives you a clean look at what you might experience at Vidcon. Rushing to get to Casey Neistat's talk, we get some incredible insight from the man himself as backing track to other cinematic shots by Henbu. It’s an editing takeaway, reminding you that sometimes someone speaking is all the audio you need to have an impactful scene.

Later that evening, it's off to the Epidemic Sound Vidcon party. Again, captured and edited exceptionally well by Henbu! You'll walk away wanting to watch it again, and again - mostly to see the cinematic shots, and how well edited it is. Inspiration brought to you by Henbu and Epidemic Sound!

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Epidemic Does: Vidcon 2018 by Henbu
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