Creator Spotlight: Sadia - Pick Up Limes

Meet Sadia, a Canadian foodie and Dietetics graduate currently living in the Netherlands.

Creator Spotlight: Sadia - Pick Up Limes

Meet Sadia Badiei, a Canadian foodie and Dietetics graduate currently living in the Netherlands.

How did you succeed as an online creator?
I feel I was "successful" as soon as I had my first subscriber, simply because it meant the content resonated with the someone.

I had a strong drive to share a message I felt very passionate about, and to be able to create a community of people with similar values and interests was more than I could have asked for.

I poured all my time and expertise into this vision: I worked hard at creating content that would provide value to those watching, and I wanted it to be material they would be proud to share with family and friends.

I think the most important strategy of them all was I created content that felt more like fun than work; audiences can tell if you love what you're doing, and if you truly love it they'll be more likely to as well!

What has been the most important buy to better your production value?
A little lavalier microphone. It was an affordable investment and made the audio sound much more crisp and professional.

Why did you choose Epidemic Sound's music for your channel?

Like many beginners, I used royalty free music whenever I could despite the poor selection. In retrospect, I realize all the time I spent trying to find a mediocre song to fit the mood of a particular video could have been better spent creating more content.

Making the decision to switch to Epidemic Sound is something I truly wish I'd done sooner. The search options save a LOT of time, which I appreciate more than anything else, and I can now easily find songs that fit the mood or energy I'm trying to elicit in a video.

I believe music is one of the most critical features of a video that allows your audience to deeply resonate with the content you're sharing, so having a wide selection of songs to choose from is a gift.

Tell us something quirky about you!
Peanut butter and banana sandwiches have been one of my favourite go-to foods since I was a kid. I adore Christmas lights, so I keep my fairy lights up at home year-round. The only superstition I believe is that if you step on someone's heal, or if they step on yours, you have to shake hands or else you'll start to dislike each other.

I find cleaning and organizing very fun and gratifying. I call my indoor plants my babies and I talk to them sometimes too... no shame.

How do you find inspiration for your production? What’s the plan for the future?
My inspiration comes from four things: a productive and motivating partner; listening to inspiring audiobooks related to self-improvement and productivity; a strong vision for how I see Pick Up Limes growing, and therefore feeling enthusiastic to be productive to make that vision a reality; and by rewarding myself for being productive, such as going travelling, taking time off to unwind and meet with friends, etc.

Plans for the future? Lots! In short, I want to create an online space where community members can learn about health, nutrition and wellness in courses and seminars that are inspiring and transformative.

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