Matti is a Director of Photography from Finland based out of Toronto, Canada.

Who is Matti Haapoja?

Matti is a Director of Photography from Finland based out of Toronto, Canada. His passion is to inspire people by telling stories through cinematic, documentary style film. He has worked with a wide variety of clients such as Nike, San Pellegrino, Energizer, Foresters and Visit Norway.

Matti created the YouTube channel Travel Feels about two years ago and it has grown to more than 220 000 subscribers since then. The channel aims to inspire you to travel the world and teach you how to capture your journey along the way.

Matti, how did you succeed as an online creator?

People probably think that I somehow got lucky and that’s how I’ve had some success as an online creator.  But really its been years of hard work becoming a filmmaker, which then allowed me to easily transition into making content on YouTube.  Instead of just worrying and learning how to make the content, I could just focus on the story; which is the most important part in the end.  My YouTube channel taking off was really a culmination of hard work and perfect timing.

Why did you choose Epidemic Sound's music for your channel?

I really like Epidemic Sound because of the abundance of high-quality music that I know I’m safe to use on YouTube. A great bonus is the sound FX library that goes along with the music. Its affordable and still the quality is there, which is hard to find.

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