Creator Spotlight: Life Over Sixty With Sandra

Sandra is a former actress, author, former Romper Room teacher, posher and lifestyle Vlogger.

Creator Spotlight: Life Over Sixty With Sandra

Take a moment and relax while listening to Sandra; a former actress, author, former Romper Room teacher, posher and lifestyle vlogger.

She loves learning, sharing, reading, and writing. By talking from her heart she hopes to inspire people to feel great about themselves and to reach happiness!

“Forget your troubles and muse with me as I think out loud about life. Sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful; but always from my heart.” – Sandra Hart

How come you chose to start as an online creator?

My lifetime career has been in television, film and the theatre. So what better platform is there than YouTube to share my lifetime of experiences with others?

My creator content covers all lifestyle issues geared toward the mature audience and it always gives a motivational message, no matter what the subject is.

Why did you choose to use Epidemic Sound for your channel?

I found Epidemic Sound through browsing other channels. My son, Emerson Hart, is a great musician and I would love to use his music; but with publishing and Universal/Sony copyright being shared, I can’t use his. The music of Epidemic Sound touched me and it gives such a variety of wonderful emotionally driven pieces. That for me is a perfect match. I especially love the melody Nocturnal Waltz, it really goes along with who I am.

What's your plan for the future?

I am a published author where I also write about my life experiences. So my creator goal is to keep entertaining, to motivate, and to create a community of women/men that makes them realize how awesome they really are. If I can do that, my growing YouTube presence will be self-rewarding.

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