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Change the Channels Added to Your Subscription

Change the Channels Added to Your Subscription

You know how you can add channels to your Epidemic Sound subscription? The ones where you publish content featuring Epidemic Sound music and want to protect from copyright claims? Yep, those. You can now change channels if you added the wrong ones, or just want to connect a different one to your subscription.

At Epidemic Sound, we strive to always offer our talented music creators competitive compensation for their work. To be able to do that, we don’t allow unlicensed use of our music, and require all content creators who want to use our music to purchase a license. Either through a subscription, or a single track license. As an active subscriber, you can add the channels where you publish soundtracked content to your subscription, so we can add them to our database of cleared channels and protect them from copyright claims.

What’s new?
What if you want to swap the channels added to your subscription? Perhaps you added the wrong one when signing up, or maybe you just want to change to another channel, account or handle of yours that performs better. Then we have some good news for you! From now on, you can change the channels added to your subscription.

How does it work?
When logged in to Epidemic Sound, click ‘Me’ in the top right corner, then choose ‘Account’. On this page you’ll find your added channels. Edit channels by clicking on the edit icon (a pen) to swap the added channel for another one on the same platform.

Change the Channels Added to Your Subscription
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